these 3 astrological signs will be even more emotional than usual

Should we anticipate a rise in shares at Kleenex? The Full Moon in Virgo this September 21 will particularly upset these three signs of the zodiac.

If the sign of Virgo is not known to be the most demonstrative of the zodiac, it is nonetheless one of the most sensitive. Because yes, behind his famous “poker face”, hides a being who has only one desire: to be reassured and supported in his choices, even the bad ones. It is precisely in this Earth sign that the next Full Moon will take place. Scheduled for Tuesday, September 21, 2021, it will take place at 1:56 a.m. (Metropolitan France time).

During this lunar phase and for a period of about fifteen days, some of us will feel its influence fully. Great existential questions, taking a step back and last-minute thoughts, such is the pleasing program for three very particular astrological signs. The latter will have to be patient and add water to their wine, especially when it comes to romantic relationships …

Full Moon September 21: The Three Disadvantaged Signs

Our unfortunate trio begins… with the Virgins themselves. Indeed, the Moon represents our unconscious, our dreams and our “inner child”. It governs our most shameful dreams as well as our deeply buried traumas. Suffice to say that this comforts our friends the Virgins in their “faults”; melancholy, silence and endless reflections will be in the spotlight, to the chagrin of their spouses. The natives of Pisces are not left out., because if they and they are surely in the habit of letting their emotions speak, they will reach their climax during the next fortnight. Concerning them, the risk lies in the susceptibility. A derogatory reflection, an evening where they are not invited, an oversight on the part of a loved one …

They will have to take a step back (and wait until October) before deciding whether or not the situation is worth taking seriously. At last, Sagittarians are also at risk of being shaken up, with an increased risk of incomprehension at work. There too, they will have to avoid intellectualizing everything at the risk of falling into paranoia. No, dear Sagittarians, just because your boss said “Hello” to you instead of “Hi” doesn’t mean you are going to be fired.

Full Moon of September 21: 3 advantageous astrological signs

Fortunately, all is not all black. Three other signs will have the chance to be positively influenced by this Full Moon in Virgo. These are Taureans, Cancers and Scorpions. The latter welcoming the planet Venus in their sign for a few days, they will be able to use their charm and their passion to achieve their ends.

Strategists and charismatics, Scorpios have every interest in making their important requests between Tuesday, September 21 and Wednesday, September 29. Increase, declaration of love, marriage proposal or launch of a new professional project, they will have all the chances on their side. So we hurry, because the New Moon, it will not be long in pointing the tip of its nose.

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