these 3 bridges common to all areas that must be well anticipated

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The dates of the 2023/2024 school calendar were communicated at the beginning of the year. By analyzing it, we realize that it could be a problem. Three bridges common to all areas will, for example, be well anticipated.

It is not Bree Van de Kamp who wants. For some people, anticipating their holidays 9 months, or even 6 months in advance is almost impossible. The same goes for bridges and long weekends that we like to take advantage of. However, even more when you have children, it is essential to do it upstream. We have already shown that the Christmas holidays were going to be very complicated to manage for parents of school children. But they are not the only ones blocking points of the calendar. Indeed, it is also necessary to note in its diary the dates of the holidays, and the bridges which correspond.

In 2023-2024, families will be able to enjoy several bridges. From the outset, know that there will be fewer than in 2022-2023, all the more reason to prepare well for those that will be granted to you. 3 bridges are common to the three zones A, B and C and should therefore generate a lot of trips and reservations. THE Easter weekend of May 30 and 31, with Monday Easter, which falls on April 1, is the first of these bridges. Then comes the Ascension long weekend which also includes May 8, a headache for parents and especially those in zone B who will just be back from vacation. And finally, the Pentecost weekend of May 18 and 19, with Monday May 20 bank holiday. Parents of children educated in zones A and C (the privileged zone of this new calendar) will also have Wednesday May 1 to manage.

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Fewer public holidays and bridges in 2024?

We can only strongly advise you to plan your program well in advance. The last minute is rarely the friend of low prices, and always conducive to stress. You will probably want to enjoy it even more when you realize that this 2023-2024 calendar offers fewer public holidays and therefore potential bridges than the current year. November 11 falls on a weekend, and July 14 as well. Who says fewer public holidays and bridge days also says that those that exist will undoubtedly be in high demand by families looking for a relaxing break.

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