These 3 star signs are the most sensual of the zodiac

Some astrological signs are more sensual than others. As good epicureans, they are constantly in search of pleasure. There's no denying it, these signs know how to enjoy life! Find out which ones share this personality trait.

Some people act particularly intensely when they feel desire. And you think to yourself that same thing every time you see them: when they do something, they go all out, like their life depends on it. Above all, they adore living romantic moments (alone or as a couple) and willingly immerse themselves body and soul in all the beautiful moments of life.

This sensuality not only refers to their love life or their partner, but also to all aspects of life in general. Sensual people are generally fond of everything related to the pleasures of life. A good meal, nature, art or music makes them incredibly happy. We reveal to you which signs like to awaken their senses.

1 / Taurus (April 21 – May 20)

Taurus is undoubtedly one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac. He needs love (and fresh water) and lives life to the fullest. He loves to feel close to others and enjoys being in good company. Both with his friends and with his partner, he is very demonstrative by increasing physical contact. Because that is how he expresses his affection: touching or cuddling his loved ones happens to be a habit deeply rooted in this Epicurean in the soul.

In his romantic life in particular, he loves spending tender hours with his other half. The Taurus turns out to be a very passionate companion and cannot do without his married life. Some people even go so far as to call Taurus possessive and jealous. But he is simply manifested emotionally determined in his relationship. And once he falls in love, he feels that love all over the place.

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2 / Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Libra cherishes luxury and all that is beautiful in life. It is elegant, neat and refined. She also has a sharp sense of aesthetics, as you will probably have noticed. Libra enjoys dedication to art and fashion, as well as everything else that makes life beautiful for them. She also attaches great importance to her appearance. Libra expresses their love for themselves by taking care of themselves and giving themselves regular gifts. And for that, she doesn't hesitate to dig a little deeper into her wallet if it is to guarantee … her personal satisfaction!

In addition, Libra is very sensual in love. At the start of a relationship, Libra becomes especially infatuated with her eyes and can be very demanding, but once she truly falls in love, she throws her pretensions into oblivion. In a relationship, this air sign attaches great importance to harmony and ensures that the relationship never becomes boring between her and her partner. She always seems to be keen on scheduling dates and coming up with new ideas to keep the flame going.

For the holiday season: sensual people love to give gifts to themselves, and also to loved ones. How about an electrifying Advent calendar? You could spend many hours full of sensuality together, but also alone. We have selected for you that of Amorelie, pleasure combined with luxury.

3 / Scorpio (October 23 – November 22)

Scorpio should of course not be missing in the list of the most sensual signs. His intense character and his taste for pleasure make him a particularly emotional and passionate zodiac sign. Scorpio is placed under the sign of conflicts and fantasies. He therefore tends to overflow with passion and feelings, while knowing how to control his instincts.

The natives of this zodiac sign are also endowed with an incredible power of attraction and therefore appear extremely sensual to ordinary people. They display a very special aura. They also seem deep and mysterious. And that's what makes them so interesting. But once you break the hard shell of a Scorpio, their big heart appears. Like Taurus, he loves with all his senses and takes pleasure in building up a solid relationship.

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