These 3 very effective grandmother’s tips to protect your plants from aphids (especially rose bushes)

If we easily resort to chemical and toxic products to get rid of them, other more natural solutions are available to us to protect our rose bushes from aphids.

As summer approaches, the French will have to be careful that their garden is not infested with aphids. These small insects, which live in outdoor spaces, cause a lot of damage and weaken plants in particular after having gorged themselves on sap. These tiny insects feed in quantity on the sap of leaves, small branches and stems. In addition to weakening them, aphids act as vectors of plant viruses and disfigure decorative plants by depositing honeydew, sugary sap.

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Although we are easily tempted to use an insecticide to get rid of them, there are more natural solutions, which are just as effective in protecting our rose bushes from these pests.

These two grandmother’s solutions to adopt to protect your plants from aphids

To get rid of aphids, there is nothing better than coffee. Do not throw away the grounds after preparing your hot drink, keep them to repel certain insects from your beautiful garden. Coffee grounds are a wonderful natural repellent against aphids, flies, ants and slugs.. Easy to use, simply sprinkle the coffee grounds around the plants so that the aphids no longer approach them. It is nevertheless necessary to apply it regularly to maintain the repellent side. Humidity and bad weather can in fact reduce its effectiveness over time.

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Garlic can also be very effective in protecting your plants from aphids. due to its antifungal properties. To get rid of these pests, simply prepare a decoction with five crushed garlic cloves in a liter of water. The second step is to bring the preparation to a boil. Before spraying the preparation on the aphids, it is absolutely necessary to let it cool.

Black soap, a natural insecticide effective against aphids

If garlic and black coffee don’t suit you, you can opt for this third grandmother’s tip: black soap. This natural insecticide not only kills aphids, it also helps clean the leaves of rose bushes, which are often covered in honeydew that causes disease and fungus.

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To do this, simply dilute 3 to 4 tablespoons of liquid black soap in a liter of hot water and spray the mixture on the infested plants. The day after this operation, you will need to rinse your plants well with fresh water to remove dead or damaged aphids.

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