These 4 sex positions are completely overrated


What sounds like a lot of fun and erotic factor, can bring in the heat of the moment only half as much fun. Who wants to be afraid of a cramp in the leg or constantly lose his balance, if you really just want to focus on the desire. Therefore you can save yourself certain numbers simply …

My luxury bed, my astral body, my art of acrobatics – whoever listens to a hot number whose erotic intent can sometimes flop quite nicely, after all, the passion and desire get pretty into the background. 

At least if you believe that you have to prove something with particularly unusual sex positions or trendy numbers! We say: Just because it seems to be a good thing, you do not have to go through everything. After all, we want to have fun in bed, or just somewhere else … Therefore, if you take pleasure, you can save these (S) experiments, because numbers like these are generally praised too much:

1. Sex in the shower

A hot jet from above, your weight on his hips, and the shower stall around you! There is one main thing: the guaranteed leg break risk, after all, this pleasure is just extremely slippery. And that can really be fun. 

Do not get us wrong, nothing against a wet foreplay in the shower! But you can finally finalize the number on the bed or why not just on the fluffy bathroom carpet …

2. Sex on the plane

Welcome to the Mile High Club! Something like that could be the award if you managed to copulate more or less passionately on a narrow airplane toilet. 

And there it is in the nature of things that this is neither a comfortable nor a time-consuming thing, but rather a brisk number in a space-saving plastic cabin.

3. The 69

Sounds actually quite practical, if not promising: The 360-degree number promises oral sex , in which both come at the same time at their expense. But, is this really the truth? 

In fact, starting from a certain level of excitement, it is quite a challenge to focus on the other. And then it just goes blank.

4. Sex while standing

So if your partner does not have upper arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his best times, then you should just look up from the shaky “I’ll stomp you up the wall and hold you hip-high to invade you” number. 

Because no normally trained man can hold a normal-weight woman until both have come at their expense.Because no normally trained man can hold a normal-weight woman until both have come at their expense.