These 5 essential rules to follow when freezing bread

When you buy a lot of bread, you are often tempted to freeze it. However, even freezing follows rules. Here are the 5 rules to follow to properly freeze your bread.

Choosing a suitable container

To properly freeze bread, it must be wrapped in a container. Under no circumstances should it be stored as it is in the freezer drawer. It is advisable to opt for plastic film packaging or an airtight box.

Freezing Bread at Room Temperature

Second rule to observe the temperature of the bread before freezing it. It must be at temperature. Never freeze bread that is still hot or lukewarm.

A suitable freezer temperature

The temperature of the freezer also plays an important role. To avoid the proliferation of bacteria when freezing bread, the temperature must be at least -18 degrees Celsius.

Consume quickly after defrosting

Bread can be frozen for up to six months, however, once thawed, it should be consumed quickly. To avoid defrosting all at once, the bread can also be frozen cut to remove the necessary quantity gradually.

Never refreeze after thawing

It is imperative to never refreeze your bread after having thawed it. Because this practice can be dangerous for health, since it promotes the proliferation of bacteria. It can cause food poisoning

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