These 5 sentences in the dispute announce an impending separation

Recognize warning signs
These 5 sentences in an argument often herald the end of a relationship

These disputes often mark the end of a relationship.


Quarreling is normal in any relationship. But if one of the five sentences in the video falls, you should pay attention. Because they can be an indication of the coming end of the relationship.

A forgotten anniversary, a tube of toothpaste that is lying open on the edge of the washbasin or when assembling the new bookshelf: in a partnership, a wide variety of situations can trigger a dispute.

Is the separation coming soon? These signals suggest it

But especially at the end of a relationship, there are disputes that often point to an upcoming separation – even if nobody is aware of this at the time. You can find out in the video which typical relationship disputes you should pay attention to in order to recognize the warning signs in time.

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