These 7 easy-to-style mid-length bobs will rejuvenate your face (they’re very chic)

If you have mid-length hair or plan to cut your lengths soon, here are the 7 most trendy mid-length bobs of the moment. Very sophisticated haircuts that rejuvenate the face.

Are you looking for the perfect haircut? If you are looking for a stylish and versatile haircut that is neither too long nor too short, you should probably opt for a mid-length cut. Also called lob, This haircut is a perfect compromise between long and short.

But there are a lot of lob haircuts, and it’s not always easy to navigate. To choose the right haircut, the ideal is to seek advice from your hairdresser who will choose according to the shape of your face. But you can also choose based on your personal preferences. So to help you see more clearly, here is 7 mid-length bobs that are easy to style and give a rejuvenating effect.

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1. The Smooth Lob with a Side Part

If you have a middle part and fine hair, the side parting is ideal for having more volume, as hair expert Ghanima Abdullah explains in the columns of She Finds. “Try a side part instead, as you can move the hair from side to side however you like,” notes the expert. In fact, adding hair to the side will increase “the volume of the area”, she adds, especially if your hair is “accustomed to being separated in the center.”

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This tip is also ideal for “conceal signs of thinning in the crown area”, where many women may lose some hair as they age. Furthermore, a parting on the side brings a touch of glamor to your hair look.

2. The layered shaggy lob

The shaggy cut is a “amazing cut, known for its versatility”, recalls famous hairstylist Gina Rivera. And for good reason, this haircut offers “beautiful variations for long and short hair”. On a gradient lob, adding bangs can add a surprise to this look, as the expert suggests.

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This cut which frames the face well and offers a real rejuvenating effectt also allows to soften facial features. Indeed, this cut distracts attention from wrinkles and fine lines.

3. The asymmetrical lob

Just like the asymmetrical bob, the mid-length bob or asymmetrical lob is a “excellent choice” for all those who wish increase their volume, explains Giane Rivera. This cut is a perfect mix of classic, modern and trendy. “This style is so trendy that it is perfect for giving our ladies in their prime a super chic look”, explains the expert. By removing some length from the hair, it creates movement which makes you look younger.

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And to style your hair, Gina Rivera advises “texturize hair” in order to “to eliminate damaged ends and weight, giving more life to the hair.” The side parting allows “create more volume on the top of the head by literally pushing more hair to one side of the head.” Furthermore, this hairstyle is ideal for conceal thinning hair on top.

4. The Wavy Lob with Curtain Bangs

If you are prone to hair loss or lack volume, the wavy lob with curtain bangs is the perfect cut for you. Hair expert Ghanima Abdullah explains that curtain bangs can “give the impression that your hair is thicker and is a great way to add volume to thinning hair.”

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This style is perfect for “women who want to hide thinning hair in the front”, she emphasizes, because it creates “a soft, natural wave on the top of the head”. Ghanima Abdullah swears by curtain bangs to conceal signs of hair loss and thinning, as she notes that it “adds length and volume, eliminating the need to spend hours styling.” Finally, the expert adds that these bangs can be worn short or long, curly or straight, and that the main thing is to keep the bangs long enough to cover eyebrows and frame face and eyes.

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5. The Italian lob

If you are looking for a haircut to add volume to your mane, the Italian lob is for you. This style is inspired by old Hollywood and it is a hairstyle that is often seen on celebrities. Inspired by the baroque bob, the Italian lob is differentiated by its thicker tips and blunt edges that create an airy, voluminous look without being heavy or bulky.

Its length allows you to style your hair in several different ways since the hair is long enough to be tied up but short enough to be worn as is. Professional hairstylist Lauren Udoh says a mid-length bob like this is an elegant and stylish choice for many occasions. The expert adds that “it’s a versatile cut that suits almost any face shape and hair type.”

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6. The blunt lob with a wick

If you want to sport an elegant, trendy and timeless look, this cut is perfect for you. “You can make your hair look fuller with a blunt lob,” explains Ghanima Abdullah. Indeed, “the bottom of a blunt cut is still voluminous.” She adds side-swept bangs “contribute to enhance the features even more.

Ghanima Abdullah recommends adding to this hairstyle wavy bangs on the side, not only to give a more radiant look to the whole, but also to conceal any thinning or hair loss at the crown of the head. The bangs that go to the side have, according to her, a “very young and fresh”.

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7. The equalized lob

If you want to go for a shorter cut while still maintaining a clean, sleek style, Gina Rivera suggests the leveled out lob. “The leveled lob, also recognized as a longer version of the classic bob, is a look very popular at the moment”, she explains. The expert continues: “One of the main reasons is that you don’t have to commit to having shorter hair and it’s versatile. The lob is also a great way to create a youthful look.

This hairstyle allows you to cut your damaged ends while maintaining a unique length. “This hairstyle is adorable tucked behind one ear or simply worn down,” adds Gina Rivera.

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