These 7 fashion trends of the 2000s are making a comeback

Are you missing the 2000s? That's great, fashion is giving us a real revival this season! Baggy jeans, pleated skirt, jogging … Zoom on these flagship fashion pieces of the twenties who are about to make their comeback in our wardrobes.

It is often said that fashion is an eternal restart and it has never been truer! After the 90s, it's the 2000s fashion that is making a comeback in our wardrobes. Baggy pants, oval sunglasses, jogging, corset top … All these pieces that rocked our childhood are coming back to the forefront of the fashion scene and this to our greatest happiness.

1. The baggy style pants

Dropped by skinny jeans in the 2010s, the baggy is back. From hip-hop culture, these pants are recognizable by their very wide legs and very low waist. According to figures recorded by the research platform Stylight, searches on Google for baggy jeans at the start of the year were up 170% compared to the same period the year before. Proof that the baggy still appeals to new generations!

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2. The corset top

It's hard to imagine the corset other than as a constraining and uncomfortable piece. Yet, and even more since the success of The Bridgertons' Chronicle on Netflix, the corset seems to be appealing to fashionistas once again. And corset-style tops will be perfect paired with baggy jeans: tight at the top and wide at the bottom! On Stylight, clicks for corset tops are up 42% from a year ago.

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3. The pleated skirt

Like Britney Spears in the video for "Baby One More Time" or Regina George in Mean Girls, we fall for the schoolgirl pleated mini-skirt this season! The trend is also confirmed on Stylight, with an increase in interest and traffic of 131%. You can wear it with a t-shirt or an oversized white shirt to break up the sensual side of the skirt, and a pair of sneakers on the feet. Converse will be ideal!

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4. Monochrome jogging

With the current health context, joggers have never been so trendy! But this season, we prefer matching tracksuits for maximum style. On TikTok, this trend for monochrome joggers is everywhere, and it doesn't matter if it's pink, beige, white, blue or tie-dye, the important thing is that everything is the same color. On Stylight, we saw a 49% increase in clicks for matching tracksuits.

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5. The sleeveless sweater

We found it old-fashioned with its checks and very BCBG V-neck and yet, the sleeveless sweater is back more stylish than ever. To make it the must-have fashion piece of tomorrow, the stylists have added small details that make it the must-have of the season: epaulettes, jewelry buttons or pearls. A vintage fashion piece that has seen a 54% increase in searches on Google compared to the previous year.

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6. The crop top and "cut out top"

After having marked the fashion of the 2000s, the crop top is making a strong comeback and is definitely making a name for itself in our wardrobe. Today, it's a timeless piece that easily matches all of our outfits! But this year, we especially like “cut out tops”, in other words tops with cutouts. On Stylight, clicks on cut out tops have increased by 38% in recent months, compared to the same period last year.

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7. Oval sunglasses

Yes yes, oval sunglasses are back! We are witnessing on the one hand a comeback of very geometric shapes, the interest in angular sunglasses has indeed doubled in recent months on the international Stylight platforms (+ 104%), and on the other hand return of oval glasses, very popular in the 2000s, with an increase in clicks of 477%. So, will you fall for the retro charm of oval glasses this year?

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Video by Clara Poudevigne