These 8 things not to do before working to ensure your productivity according to experts

According to experts, 8 basic rules must be followed to ensure you have a productive day at work. Here are which ones.

Ah, the productivity… A word with which we can be angry on certain days, especially when we are teleworking. On a daily basis, certain details make our concentration and efficiency at work really tough. The telephone, the endless to-do lists, poor organization… In short, it is easy to fall into the many pitfalls which ultimately lead to a day of work wasted by a complete lack of productivity.

Rest assured, every problem has a solution. And as for each field, experts have the necessary keys to help us. On April 13, the Huffpost collaborated with productivity experts, and listed 8 rules to follow to avoid repeating an unproductive routine. Some points are obvious. All that remains is to implement them.

These 8 rules to follow to be productive on a daily basis

1 – Do not start working immediately
Do a little meditation, yoga, reading before starting work. It can also be a walk, sports or even cooking. As long as it relaxes.

2 – Do not drown under an endless to-do list
The idea here is to prioritize 3 tasks, the most important. According to experts, these 3 priority tasks are best written down the night before.

3 – Do not look at your phone as soon as you wake up
It’s a mistake that we almost all make. Watching social networks or your emails when you wake up is a very bad habit. In order to avoid this, experts already advise taking a real alarm clock rather than waking up through the phone alarm. This makes it easier to put it aside when you wake up.

4 – Do not have too important a discussion before work
Otherwise, the brain risks being obsessed with this discussion, and absolutely not focused on the tasks of the day to be carried out. Better to leave with peace of mind and peace of mind.

5 – Have an organized day
Good organization is the key to a productive day. Plan in advance your time for meetings, processing emails, breaks, etc. Having nothing scheduled, and improvising, puts you at great risk in terms of productivity.

6 – Avoid distractions
To do this, an infallible technique: put your phone on the side, put it in airplane mode or do not disturb, and turn it over. Thus, the brain remains focused on work, and no notification will disturb it.

7 – Do not neglect your mental health
Experts advise here to give yourself 20 minutes a day, dedicated to your mental health. This can be through prayer, meditation, reading a personal development book, or even visualizing the best (healthy) version of yourself.

8 – Create your own rituals
What works for one, doesn’t work for another. Thus, exercising in the morning may be beneficial for someone, but a chore for his co-worker. If you prefer to relax by reading rather than running before work, that’s ok. The idea is that you are in tune with all these little rituals to establish. And above all, that you feel good applying them.