These 9 flowers last all year round and will color your exterior

Do you like gardening? Here are a new variety of flowers to plant in your garden to enhance your exterior all year round.

When you live in a house, you never want to plant a garden to benefit from all the benefits of plants and flowers. And that’s what it’s about, whether it’s aesthetic or well-being. The beauty of flowers can actually be beneficial for morals.

If you are a gardening enthusiast, know that there are a variety of flowers that are resistant to outdoor climates. They bloom all year round and last for many months. They offer a magnificent view of your exterior. What are these varieties of flowers?

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Choosing lavender

The lavender presents a beautiful purple color. These plants present a certain interest in the plan of well-being, perhaps they possess the right to peace. An outdoor plant allows you to benefit from their beauty and their smell, while preserving your balanced interior.

If you have green hands, be very careful if you choose to plant lavender in your garden. In effect, this plant tends to grow rapidly and to take the space reserved for your other plants.

Opter for begonias

Presenting a beautiful variety of colors, the begonias are of flowers that need to be illuminated in an indirect manner. Don’t sit in the sun. On the other hand, they last all year long if you take good care of them.

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Arrosez-les at least three times a week, during the summer season and all the days during the winter. Small mistake: do not put a dish with a little water under your flower pots.

Planter of African violets

Although it is small, the African purple suits your exterior perfectly. You must always take care. During the late months of the year, it should always be frosted at least three times a week when outside temperatures rise.

During the winter period, You just have to pick your African violets every five days. Once again, it is enough to follow.

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The qualities of the verbena

Reputable for its calming properties, the verbena tends to bloom during the printing period and during the summer. If you have green hands, take care of your plantsmake sure it is possible for it to bloom when the first jellies of the season appear.

To preserve it as long as possible, be careful not to push in a wheelchair where it benefits from indirect light.

Geraniums: plants easy to preserve

Geraniums are plants presenting intense colors. Easy to maintain, they decorate your exterior all year round if you think about getting older every day during the summer season.

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In winter, watering your geraniums every three days is sufficient. You will preserve your flowers best by adding the oil once a month.

The penta: a rustic species

This plant has delicate branches and is decorated with beautiful, colorful flowers. OIn the pentagram there are pentagrams in white, purple, pink or red. The particularity of this rustic plant is that it can withstand the coldest months of the year.

She doesn’t need any additional care. Simply think about fermenting three times a week.

The pourpier: a flower that covers your exterior

The living pouring is a plant that is generally privileged for the interior of your home. Presenting yellow flowers and benefiting from medicinal herbs, the flowers of the pouring rain are tense.

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They last all year. To do this, it is sufficient to plant the plants in a location that benefits from a moderate temperature. Arrosez-les a two-times per week. This is sufficient to ensure their growth and conservation throughout the year.

The lantana: an ideal tree for your exterior

Considered as a living plant, the lantana grows outdoors. The flowers float in the shape of tubular grapes. Presented in different colors (yellow, red, orange, pink, white, purple), the lantana can present two, even three colors at once.

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The arbuste blows all year round, more specifically in the areas where it does not. And that, even in the coldest climates.

The Craspédia: a fantasy flower

The craspédia is a flower that appears in the shape of a globe and that we find all year round. It spreads in hot climates. Composed of several symmetrical yellow gold flowersit is praised by wedding florists.

Its unique and highly resistant shape creates an ideal flower for creating bouquets. The craspédia is also named Billy Button, Sun Ball, Golf Beauty, or even Drumstick.

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