These are important issues in the partnership


Trust plays one of the most important roles in a relationship. Together through thick and thin, it is said. In good and in bad times. Clearly: you solve problems together and share your worries with your partner. Theoretically. However, many couples have problems speaking openly about intimacy. As a result, they never reach the closeness that makes a really close partnership. Do you talk regularly about these important topics?

Sexual desires

Talking about them is not only important so that both have fun in bed. It also shows the other: I trust you completely – and this in turn strengthens the connection. Keeping silent in the bedroom leads to frustration, boredom and, in the worst case, estrangement. If you have problems to put your wishes into words, you can do the same with the partner demonstratewhat he would like.



It is not always easy to admit that you are overwhelmed with a task or situation. But that is exactly what makes a healthy partnership. No games, no adjustment, just say frankly: "Damn, I can't handle it right now." For example, it could be a dispute with a friend, a workload, or family commitments. Or something that the partner is expecting from you. Those who admit to being stressed internally promote understanding with others. And to reveal a weakness to this shows that one is particularly close.

Doubts and fears

Personal crises not only affect you, but also your partnership. Therefore, it is only fair to involve the other person. If you share your worries in a relationship, both sides benefit from it: The person concerned receives support and support and the comforter feels needed and has the good feeling that he can help his sweetheart. It also welds together to cope with negative feelings together.

Health problems

Of course, you don't have to explain to your partner in detail how bowel movements have changed recently. But withholding him from feeling bad can only have a negative impact on the relationship. Because: He does not know why the girlfriend is in a bad mood and may refer this to himself. Fatal! So it is better to initiate the partner if you have health problems. If you are really close, you can talk about it!

"Bad feelings

Envy, jealousy, shame … often we don't want to tell others about it when we feel something supposedly "bad". After all, we don't want to be a bad person. Sometimes, however, it helps to tell the partner quite frankly: "Darling that you spend so much time with the new colleague makes me jealous." This is the only way the partner can react appropriately. Those who hide negative feelings provoke an argument. This much is certain!