These are the best providers

If you use a tax tool for your cryptocurrencies, you can always keep an eye on how much money you have to hand over to the tax authorities (or not). We have looked at the most famous ones for you.

Do you want to go straight to the best tax tools? Then let’s go to our provider comparison.

Block pit

Blockpit is one of our community’s favorites. Anyone who wants to test out the tool first is free to go. Anyone who has fewer than 25 transactions per year in their portfolio can initially use the tool for free. Blockpit supports all popular cryptocurrencies, exchanges and brokers.


Accointing is also a popular crypto tax tool. It performs similarly well to Blockpit in our community. Here too, users can find all common providers and cryptocurrencies. Bonus: The tool is significantly cheaper than Blockpit. You also get tax reports here that are compatible with other tax tools like Buhl.

Crypto tax with coin tracking

Cointracking is one of the veterans of crypto tax tracking. With nine years of experience, the company has already convinced numerous customers. The transactions are imported very easily via the programming interface. The tool does the rest by itself.

Tax fix

Taxfix is ​​by far the cheapest provider among our tested crypto tax tools. The best thing: The fee of 39.99 euros is only due when you actually submit the tax return. However, the crypto functions are nowhere near as sophisticated as “crypto-only” tools.


Koinly performs very well in terms of fee structure; users can save a few euros compared to other tools. Special feature: The built-in crypto portfolio tracker helps you always keep an eye on the performance of your own coins.

The crypto tax tools listed here all have their advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, it also depends on personal preferences as to which tool is best. The best thing to do is to visit our comparison page and use the filter function to find the right tool for your needs.

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