These are the trend hairstyles for fall

Hair trends
We wear these 3 hairstyles in autumn

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Autumn not only brings a breath of fresh air into our wardrobes, it also brings new hair trends with it. We’ll show you three hairstyles that you can’t avoid this season.

In keeping with the new season, we not only want to muck out our wardrobe, we also want to change our minds. In addition to naturally styled hairstyles, this season there is a clear trend towards eye-catching cuts with an eye-catching guarantee. If you are in the mood for a new look and are looking for inspiration, you will find three trendy hairstyles here that encourage you to pick up scissors.

The trend hairstyle of the 80s is back

In the 80s and 90s there was no getting around the permanent wave – for two decades it was considered THE trend hairstyle. This autumn, the curly hair is experiencing its great revival and is being worn up and down the catwalks of all fashion shows. Since the procedure of perming the hair is very stressful, caution is advised when imitating the wild curls. In order to avoid hair breakage, everyone with bleached or damaged hair should refrain from this trendy hairstyle. If you have strong and stronger hair, you can dare to do the hairstyle without any problems. We were particularly impressed by the look in combination with curly bangs.

Perm: woman walks down the catwalk with curly hair

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Wet look hair

No hairstyle combines timeless elegance and casual coolness as well as the wet hair look. The look gets its distinctive appearance from shiny, wet-looking hair. To create this look, styling products such as hairspray and wet gel are generously distributed throughout the hair – you can work the products into wet or dry hair.

The wet hair look is particularly elegant on short hair. You can use a comb or your hands to shape individual strands of hair into the desired shape while styling – partial strands that are applied to the scalp in curved shapes are particularly popular.

Wet hair look: Woman wears her hair in a wet hair look

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With longer hair, it is advisable to distribute the styling products only on the top of the head. Gigi Hadid shows how: The main hair is worked with a lot of styling product, the lengths are left out. You can either wear the head of hair without the product open or tie it together in a deep braid. This creates a cool hair look that does not leave unwanted stains on clothing.

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Trendy hairstyle with a distinctive cut: the micro bangs

The micro bangs have been spotted at all fashion shows since the beginning of the year – but the eye-catching hairstyle is particularly popular this autumn. Admittedly, this look is only for the brave: Instead of wearing the classic bangs as usual until just before eye level, the trendy hairstyle is cut raspy short. Those who dare to try the cut will be rewarded with a hairstyle that gives the face a distinctive expression. The advantage of the idiosyncratic hairstyle? The short bangs look just as good on long and medium length hair as they do on short ones.

Micro bangs: Woman wears very short cut bangs

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