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Wednesday November 17, 2021 is International Prematurity Day, for this occasion some of you have chosen to share your testimony.

Each year in France, no less than 60,000 infants are born prematurely, ie around 165 children per day.
A premature birth takes place before the end of the pregnancy which corresponds to 41 weeks of amenorrhea, in other words 9 and a half months from the date of the last period.
A child is considered premature if it is born before 37 weeks of amenorrhea (WA) (8 and a half months of pregnancy).

There are three levels of prematurity:

  • the average prematurity which corresponds to a birth occurring between the 32nd and the 36th week of completed amenorrhea (7 months to 8 months of pregnancy),
  • extreme prematurity corresponding to a birth occurring between the 28th and 32nd WA (6 months to 7 months of pregnancy),
  • and very great prematurity for births occurring before 28 weeks, ie less than 6 months of pregnancy.

The birth of a child is an upheaval in the lives of parents. And when this one points the tip of its nose a few weeks before the term, the dads and the moms are very often destabilized.

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To keep hope

In 2009, at the initiative of the SOS Préma association and the European foundation of associations of premature babies, the date of November 17 to celebrate the first world day of prematurity.
On the occasion of this World Day, some of you have agreed to share your story with us through adorable photos that give hope:

Maella was born on November 20, 2018, at 11:59 p.m., at a much too late stage since her mother was only 26 weeks pregnant. At birth, the little girl weighed only 850g. Today, the little girl is getting ready to blow out her third candle.

© Screenshot_20211103-184648_Photos

here is Amalia and her twin brother Thélio, born at 30 WA + 5 days. Recently, these premature babies celebrated their 2nd birthday. To know their stories, visit their mom’s Instagram account: @one_and_twin.

© Amalia and Thélio 2

July 3, 2019 Mila was born very premature at only 25 weeks gestation with a heart defect. At birth, the little girl weighed only 700g. Today Mila is 2 years old and is doing wonderfully. Find the story of this little warrior on Instagram: mom_of_mila_warrior.

© IMG_20211117_092348_852

On May 15, a new little warrior appeared. Born at only 24 SA + 2 days, Angela is a great premature. At birth, the little girl weighed only 650g and was only 32cm tall. A few days ago, the little girl celebrated her 6 months of life and now weighs 4.410kg for 55cm.

© Angele

If you too are parents of a little warrior, send us your before / after photos to the following address: [email protected]

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