these Christmas offers more interesting than the regulated EDF tariff

Before the planned increase in the regulated tariff on February 1, 2024, energy suppliers are lowering their prices to attract new customers in December. Special Christmas offers have even appeared on the energy mediator’s comparator.

Unlike gas, where the benchmark price changes every month with a direct effect on the price of offers, the electricity regulation tariff (TRV) marks a pause before the increase planned for February 2024. This could be 10% and weigh down household wallets while waiting for the implementation of new consumer protection rules and the reform of the electricity market in France.

In the meantime, the market is moving. If the TRV does not change, the offers which dominate the MoneyVox Top 5 are decreasing, except Tempo from EDF which, with its promise of gains of up to 600 euros per year, remains largely in the lead for homes which heat with electricity .

Thanks to the comparator of the energy mediator, MoneyVox uses the standard profiles of the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) to carry out an inventory of the market. Knowing that at TRV, a typical Base EDF customer, consuming 2400 kWh per year, currently pays 734 euros per year and that a typical peak/off-peak customer who consumes 8,500 kWh per year is billed 173 euros per month, or 2075 euros per year. Here are the most advantageous offers for the month of December.

Base customer, small consumption

For our first customer, who signed a so-called Base offer where the price per kilowatt hour (kWh) is the same all day long, 54 contract offers are available on the energy mediator’s comparator. As in November, it is the energy supplier Dyneff which is at the head of the Top 5 MoneyVox with a better offer of 15 euros thanks to a discount and despite a subscription increasing by 2 euros. To note that the discount will be effective when your regularization invoice is issued, generally after 12 months.

These promotional offers show that suppliers are looking to recruit new customers before winter and before planned increases in the TRV. So Ohm offers a special Christmas offer with a low price per kilowatt hour (kWh) compared to the competition. Be careful though, this is a 100% market offer. This means that this price per kWh can double from one month to the next. In his last annual report, the energy mediator denounced at Ohm, sharp price increases occurring shortly after the subscription of particularly attractive price offers.



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