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Life as a mother of large families requires military organization and is not necessarily easy to combine with filming. Thus, for her husband to participate in the program Families Many, Mélanie Gonzalez imposed conditions.

For two years now, viewers have been able to follow the daily life of the Gonzalez family on the show. Large Families: life in XXLbroadcast on TF1 afternoons. After telling how she got pregnant three times on the pill, Mélanie Gonzalez gave herself up to In a long interview, the mother of eight children Margot, Nino, Pailo, Elio, Hugo, Malo, Cléo and the youngest Marceau, tells how she and all her tribe experience the filming of the show.

But above all the conditions that she imposed so that her husband Franck could participate in the filming. Indeed, Franck is a building contractor and works a lot to ensure the well-being of his large family. A busy schedule that is sometimes difficult to reconcile with filming a show.Film crews only come when he’s there. If they have to have him in an interview in the evening, at 10 p.m., well they’ll be there to talk to him, to have sequences with my husband. If it is only available on Sunday, they will adapt. They always come at times in our lives when Franck is there, so often it’s on weekends, late in the evening or early in the morning so that the episodes truly reflect our lives”, said Mélanie Gonzalez to Tele-Leisure.

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Mélanie Gonzalez confides in Tele-Leisure on his daily life

In this interview, Mélanie Gonzalez speaks honestly behind the scenes of the filming of the show. The mother of the family tells us that the filming is going wonderfully and that she likes to welcome the production teams to her home. However, it seems to be another story for her husband Franck.

“He’s used to it and he often says: ‘I’m building my regrets for tomorrow’. Sometimes he can spend 2-3 days working in our depot, opposite in the house, without seeing the children. On the other hand , when he is there, he takes full advantage, on weekends he begins to relax, we do family activities”says Mélanie Gonzalez.

Before continuing: “As he says, we wanted to have a large family, it requires having finances. One of the most important values ​​for us is work, that’s what we instil in our children. The only thing that can be blamed on my husband is that he works a lot, but it is mainly because he has the responsibility of being the father of a large family”, concludes Melanie Gonzalez.

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