These Covid vaccination certificates expire on 1.2. – you need to know that

From February 1st, millions of digital Covid vaccination certificates will no longer be valid. Find out which ones are affected here.

According to the current status, millions of digital Covid vaccination certificates issued in Germany are for basic immunization

invalid from February 1, 2022

and therefore faster than before. From this point


of these vaccination certificates already after 9 months and no longer after 12 months. The EU decided that and Germany approved the regulation.

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It is currently only unclear whether this regulation will really come into force in Germany on February 1st and whether this will then also be displayed to users in the CovPass and Corona warning app. The decision to shorten the deadline to 270 days should be made at the next meeting of the federal states and the federal government on January 24th.

These Covid vaccination certificates are affected by the shortened deadline

All digital certificates that are affected by the shortened deadline

before May 7, 2021

issued after vaccination and a second vaccination, after vaccination and recovery, or after recovery and recovery vaccination. More specifically, all people who were considered “basic immunization” before May 7, 2021 and have not yet received a booster vaccination.

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Here’s what you can do about it

All affected persons can prevent a loss of their vaccination status with a booster vaccination. This is important if you want to take part in public life despite all the regulations (2G, 2G+, 3G, etc.).

A booster vaccination is now recommended by the Standing Vaccination Commission from the third month after the basic immunization. However, it should also be noted that in some federal states you are only considered to have been boosted 14 days after the booster vaccination.

A special rule currently also applies to all people who have received a dose from Johnson & Johnson, because in many federal states they have to prove a third vaccination for booster status.

Incidentally, all digital certificates after the booster vaccination are still valid for 12 months for the time being.

Valid Covid vaccination certificate also important for travel

The deadline of February 1, 2022 is also important for anyone who wants to travel to other EU countries and needs a valid vaccination certificate to do so. The ADAC, for example, points out in a recent announcement that in Austria, for example, there is an easier entry option for travelers who have already been boosted. For trips to Switzerland, the Covid vaccination certificates are valid for 12 months, but a shortening is being considered. “How long simplified travel in the EU is guaranteed with a booster vaccination has not yet been regulated,” says the ADAC.

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