These eyeshadow palettes sell every 7 seconds

Which eyeshadows are worth the hype? Well, the sales numbers speak for themselves with these …

An incredible number of new beauty products come onto the market every month. So many that we almost forget our all-time favorites. Nevertheless: the sales figures speak for themselves. Because this well-tried and popular range of pallets is sold every 7 seconds. Do you already have them?

Pallet hype

The eyeshadow palettes we're talking about were probably the first to experience a real hype in the beauty world: the Naked palettes from Urban Decay. They are so popular that they are loud "Who What WeaWe are not surprised, after all, there are now ten different versions of the pallets – something for every taste. The latest addition is the NAKED Ultraviolet pallet. Each pallet has a different color scheme.

Of course, it's not just Urban Decay that has trendy eyeshadow palettes, the eyeshadows of relatively young brands such as Natasha Denona and Jeffree Star are currently being hyped. But the drugstore has also stepped up a lot and is bringing ever better qualities onto the market. Our insider tip: The limited editions of essence and Catrice. Here you get bombshell eyeshadow for a small price.

Which one suits you

Before investing in an eyeshadow palette, you should always ask yourself which one will suit you. Do you prefer inconspicuous, subtle colors or can it be bright, dark and fancy? Do you want to use the palette every day or only on certain occasions? Question after question. You can also include the color of your eyes and your skin tone in the decision.

Brown eyes look great, especially with warm, golden tones. Metallic bronze tones and neutral colors go well with blue and gray eyes. Of course, that doesn't mean you can only use that. First and foremost, you should wear what you like. The only important thing is: don't forget the eyeshadow primer, because it makes your look even more beautiful!