These films to see if you are about to become a mother

Soon mom? Discover the cult films to watch without moderation if you are expecting a child. Some make us laugh, others cry, and some would almost scare us but we love them!

When you become a mother, there is inevitably a before and an after. Between pregnancy and all that goes with it, such as nausea, body changes or even stress, then childbirth and finally postpartum… There are a lot of changes in life! Moms know this and many movies portray it well like Joséphine rounds up, Hello mum here baby, In the skin of a mother and many more !

You are expecting a baby and you just want to entertain yourself by watching a film that will echo your current life ? Are you already a mother of one or more children and in this sense, are you interested in films about motherhood? Or do you simply want to entertain yourself with a cult production? Here is a selection of films with little onions to laugh to your heart’s content or cry with emotion depending on your mood of the day. With family, friends or even alone with a tub of ice cream… You’ll love them if you haven’t already! The best ? Several of these films can be found on platforms such as Netflix, Disney + or even Amazon Prime.

Josephine rounds up

What is it about ? Joséphine has been living with Gilles for two years (a perfect non-smoker and good cook who loves cats). But unexpected news will upset the couple’s routine: a positive pregnancy test. Josephine has only one thing left in mind, or rather three. 1) Not becoming like his mother 2) keeping his guy and 3) becoming responsible.

Why you need to see it: Because before seeing your belly become round, you have to undergo the test of the pregnancy test.

Our favorite scene : When Joséphine goes through pregnancy tests to make sure she is pregnant.

What to expect if you are expecting a child

What is it about ? It’s all in the title, or almost. Jules, an attractive fitness teacher is expecting her first child. Best-selling author Wendy struggles with her pregnancy. Skyler, young trophy wife is pregnant with twins. Holly, a photographer, prepares to adopt a child. And Rosie, the manager of a food truck, has an affair with an old friend and finds herself faced with a dilemma: what to do when your first child is announced before your first date?

Why you need to see it: To relive (once again) the vagaries of pregnancy.

Our favorite scene : When Wendy explodes the screen of her phone, hormones are to blame!

Knocked up but not too much

What is it about ? An assistant tricks her boss into thinking she’s pregnant, a desperate attempt to avoid being fired from her job. She’ll play the role so well that she’ll forget she’s not really.

Why you need to see it: To remember why it’s so good to be pregnant.

Our favorite scene: When Thea decides to wear a fake belly to be more believable.

First name

What is it about ? Vincent goes to dinner at his sister’s with his brother-in-law and a childhood friend. While waiting for the arrival of his wife, he has fun with the future first name of his child with the guests. To the question “what will be the first name of the child?”, his answer plunges the family into deep chaos.

Why you need to see it: To realize the importance of the choice of the first name of your future baby… and in addition, Patrick Bruel has the main role.

Our favorite scene: When Vincent lists the first names he will never be able to give his son and he realizes that there are almost none left.

baby manual

What is it about ? Holly and Eric have nothing in common. Except for one thing: a baby. They will become all that remains to their goddaughter Sophie and will have to learn to raise a child together, putting aside career ambitions and romantic encounters to confront the hard life of parents.

why you need to see it : To prepare you to welcome your baby.

Our favorite scene: When Sophie poops in Eric’s favorite cap… Oupsss!

Hello mama here baby

What is it about ? Mollie becomes pregnant by a married man. Before giving birth, she gets into a taxi whose driver will become an important person in her life. First a friend, then her son Mikey’s babysitter, and possibly the baby’s new father. The best thing about all of this is that the baby says aloud what he thinks quietly.

Why do you have to see it? To put yourself in the shoes of your future baby and know in advance everything that will go through his head.

Our favorite scene: When Mikey drives off with the car. A child driving is normal, isn’t it?

Vice versa

What is it about ? At 11, little Riley has five emotions in her head: Joy which represents good humor, Fear which takes care of her safety, Anger which brings justice, Disgust which prevents Riley from being poisoned and Sadness… we don’t really know what his role is. When the little girl moves to a big city, everything turns upside down in her head…

Why you need to see it: To finally understand what is going on in your child’s head.

Our favorite scene: When anger simply goes off the rails (at the same time, that’s his role).

Mom I missed the plane

What is it about ? The McCallister family boards the plane for Christmas in Paris, when the parents realize they’re missing something… their 9-year-old son Kevin. He will spend New Year’s Eve alone in his big house and will have to face two burglars convinced that they are dealing with an empty house.

Why you need to see it: To remind you never to forget your children at home.

Our favorite scene: When Kevin walks proudly with his groceries but the bags crack.

dime a dozen 2

What is it about ? Tom Barker takes his wife and their twelve children for a family vacation by a lake. His eldest son will have an affair with Anne Murtaugh, the daughter of his sworn enemy. Between the two fathers, the rivalry develops to the point of spoiling the children’s holidays.

Why you need to see it: To remind you that you should never compare your children to those of others.

Our favorite scene: When the two dads spy on their children’s romantic date at the cinema.

Standard exchange

What is it about ? Dave is a brilliant lawyer, married with two children. His best friend Mitch has a dream life in his eyes: no obligations, zero stress, one-night stands. After a drunken night, the impossible will happen: Dave wakes up in the skin of his friend and will quickly realize that his daily life is far from the life he dreamed of…

Why you need to see it: To never regret your life as a mom.

Our favorite scene: When the baby throws a sharp knife at his father (yes, yes, it’s possible).

In my mother’s skin

What is it about ? Tess and Anna, mother and daughter, do not get along at all. Following an argument, they find themselves in each other’s bodies. And will have to experience each other’s life… But Tess’s wedding is scheduled for Saturday, which doesn’t leave them much time to rediscover themselves… and find a way to reintegrate their bodies.

Why you need to see it: To realize that having a child is difficult, but that a teenager… is worse!

Our favorite scene: When Tess struggles to get her daughter out of bed.

40 years user’s Guide

What is it about ? Approaching her 40th birthday, Debbie can no longer bear her routine as a wife. Mother of two daughters, she has a terrible time coping with the turn of the quarantine. She has to live with a husband who locks himself in the toilet to escape her and a young girl in the throes of puberty. She will learn to enjoy the rest of her life… without succumbing to the urge to kill her husband.

Why you need to see it: Because children are for life.

Our favorite scene: When Pete ruins his daughter’s Skype date.

A Happy Event

What is it about ? Barbara and Nicolas decide to move in together and then have a child… But if at the beginning of the film everything seems to be going well for them, the couple gradually sinks and Barbara has postpartum depression while she is still student and must complete her thesis.


What is it about ? Juno McGuff is 16 when she becomes pregnant with Bleeker and decides not to have an abortion. But, she does not intend to raise him and starts looking for the perfect adoptive parents to take care of him. She then finds Mark and Vanessa but it’s not so simple because carrying a child and giving birth before leaving it to other people is trying…

Knocked up, instructions for use

Alison Scott, who has just been promoted to the rank of celebrity interviewer, decides to celebrate with her sister Debbie by going clubbing. This is where the adventures begin since she goes home with Ben before leaving him the next morning, thinking she will never see him again… That was before realizing that she had become pregnant with him!

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