These flowery manicures to adopt to celebrate spring

Spring, that long-awaited season after winter, is finally here. With it, came a little warmer temperatures, a nice blue sky and a sun that hides much less. Spring makes us want to bring out our favorite dresses, skirts and T-shirts; but not only ! Because very often we also appreciate changing our beauty routines, adopting new hairstyles, as well as new manicures. In the spring, we swap dark nail polishes, such as burgundy red or deep black, for lighter, lighter and brighter shades. This season also makes us want adorable nail arts. And this year, the trend is for floral nail art, and often minimalist.

Our Instagram feeds are now full of manicures featuring small white or colorful flowers. Here, there are two clans: that of those who turn to the classic spring daisies drawn with nail polish, then that of those who prefer to bring a little more originality to their nails. Either by affixing real flowers on the tips of their fingers, or by opting instead for a colorful French manicure embellished with a few drawings of flowers.

To find the nail art that will best match your style for this spring, take the time to check out our slideshow of inspirational photos from Instagram.