These foods never belong on the grill

Warning, carcinogenic!
These foods never belong on the grill

The main thing is tasty? No, because some popular grilled dishes shouldn’t be placed on the wire rack.


Long barbecue evenings with friends and family again! But you should be careful what you put on the grill for it.

Summer is approaching with great strides – and this includes, for many, extensive barbecue evenings with loved ones, in addition to visits to the outdoor pool and ice cream. It tastes good, is easy to prepare and, above all, wonderfully sociable. But be careful! Because some particularly popular grilled dishes actually have no business being on the grill.

The danger of grilling

Because these foods are very sensitive to heat. If they are placed directly on the grid, carcinogenic substances can be released – and you should also be careful when preparing them in the aluminum dish. In the video you will find out what you should definitely know before the next barbecue evening.

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