These foods to stop eating after 5 p.m. to lose weight, according to a doctor

Here are a doctor’s 10 golden tips for losing weight while enjoying your evening meals. Stop the special flat stomach diets and discover the good habits to take to change everything!

It’s dinner time, but you want to avoid damaging your figure while enjoying yourself? Don’t worry, we know the bad habits to stop after 5 p.m. as well as the perfect trick to burn an extra 270 kcal in the evening! With the expertise of Dr Alexandra Dalu, anti-aging doctor, nutritionist and author of the inspiring book “Lare 100 misconceptions that keep you from feeling well”, you will still maximize your weight loss efforts. So after 4-5 p.m., start already with avoid coffee which leads to a drop in blood sugar and therefore, by boomerang effect, sugar cravings!

Then comes this formidable moment called aperitif! Here, goodbye fries and therefore chips which prevent us from digesting well at the end of the day given the high fat content. The alcohol may be tempting, but is the number one enemy of a balanced lifestyle. Opt instead for a homemade alcohol-free cocktail with sparkling water, lemon and mint! Obviously, the soda don’t serve as examples either, they dehydrate you and bring an impressive dose of sugar in a flash!

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The best dinner for weight loss (with dessert!)

During the main course, leave the pasta aside and smile at healthier, flavor-rich alternatives”In the evening, we avoid pasta and potatoes and favor legumes such as lentils and chickpeas or brown rice, rich in fiber which quickly satiate and avoid cravings in the evening.“. Red meat after 5 p.m.? To avoid ! The expert recalls: “Prefer small amounts of meat or a small piece of fish or even tofu at dinner.” Perfect for varying recipes. Moreover, concerning the fish, Doctor Dalu specifies that swordfish, shark and their exciting protein-rich comrades aren’t the best party companions. Prefer small fish, good for your sleep and to avoid nasty contaminants”.

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Now comes the long-awaited moment: dessert. Goodbye vanilla cream and rice pudding, hello natural yoghurt or compote! Avoid overly rich sugary treats, which can disrupt your sleep and ruin all-day efforts. Of course, flexibility is key, treat yourself from time to time to avoid frustration. The penultimate food to avoid is amazing because it is… herbal tea ! Indeed, at the last moment, it would give your kidneys too much work and therefore force you to get up in the middle of the night, which would lead to fatigue, which often rhymes with cravings the next day. A last one for the end, yes just a last one, not the whole tablet! A small square of dark chocolate, with its touch of soothing magnesium, is a good choice to end the day gently. And now you know everything to lose weight without depriving yourself!

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