These glamorous celebrity makeup to copy for the holidays

Very often on their 31 for gala evenings, celebrities are also made up by the best make-up artists. Their beauty treatments are therefore an inexhaustible source of inspiration when you are looking for a pretty make-up for the end of the year celebrations.

If there is a time in the year when you want to post a canon and worthy makeup red carpet, it’s good during the festivities of the end of the year. For New Years Eve, it doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas or New Years, we are generally looking formore pronounced and / or original makeup than usual, and we are happy to be tempted by colors or glamorous details that we would not dare to wear on a daily basis like glitter where the fake eyelashes or thegolden eye shadow.

Actresses, singers and other stars of the sphere people, have just a few makeup lessons to give us, they who are regularly in the flashes of photographers for official ceremonies where makeup is as popular as the outfits of great fashion designers. It must be said that they can afford the services of the best make-up artists to sublimate themselves and wear irresistible and festive make-up as desired.

From Monica Bellucci to Marion Cotillard, from Charlize Theron to Chiara Ferragni, from Bella Hadid to Halle Berry, from Sophie Marceau to Kerry Washington, we offer you 30 celebrity makeup ideas perfect for the holidays !

What makeup for the holiday season?

Like celebrities, we particularly fall for the cat eye, an ultra-chic must-have, glittery and golden eye makeup which set the tone for the festivities, as well as for the smoky-eyed eye make-ups which have the art of intensifying the gaze. On the palate, the red lipstick is without a doubt the big favorite of celebrity beauty looks to copy. Discover all this and more in pictures with our most beautiful glamorous makeup ideas for the end of year celebrations.

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