these gray areas that persist after the death of the suspect

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The body of young Héléna Cluyou found this Thursday, February 9, charred, has shed light on certain points of the investigation. Unfortunately the death of the main suspect, Sylvain L., does not answer many questions from investigators.

The investigation into the disappearance of the young nursing student Héléna Cluyou accelerated this Thursday, February 9 with the discovery of a charred body in a forest in the town of Argol, near Brest. Unfortunately the main suspect in the case, Sylvain L.whose portrait sends shivers down your spine, killed on the same day than the discovery of the body. The testimony of his brother who had accompanied him to the police station a few days after the tragedy as well as the electronic messages found on his telephone make it possible to gather certain information useful to the investigation.

Nevertheless some shadows remain. The young student who was last seen returning home around 6:40 a.m. in the Recouvrance district on Sunday January 29, reportedly came across the suspect. THE analysis and autopsy of the body found confirmed to be that of the young woman. The public prosecutor of Brest, Camille Mansioni, also revealed during a press conference this Saturday, February 11 that: analyzes have been carried out. The results of these analyzes attest that the victim’s body stayed in the trunk of the suspect’s car ».

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The thesis of the accident is getting further and further away

For some time, the thesis of the accident remained one of the most probable for the investigators, a thesis which today does not seem at all relevant. The autopsy carried out on the body of young Héléna Cluyou confirmed that “Ithe body was burned after death“. So what does that mean? Questions that many are asking.

Can we talk about assault ? Of sexual violence? Was the young woman sequestered? Of the Gray areasthat the investigators are trying to elucidate despite the suicide of the main suspect, Sylvain L. Analyzes are currently underway to helpdetermine the exact circumstances of deathby student Héléna Cluyou.

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