These homemade hand care recipes are ideal for you!

In this article, we deliver some very simple homemade recipes that will help you regain hydration, softness and protection. Your hands will say “thank you”!

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On a daily basis, your hands are put to the test: between temperatures, bad weather, aggressive products, repetitive washing … They are constantly attacked and tend to dry out, to tug, to age prematurely … You must take care of your hands and surely you have noticed that it is not uncommon that regular application of your favorite moisturizer is not enough. Rest assured: you will not necessarily need to invest in anything because it is sometimes with the ingredients of everyday life that we do the best beauty treatments. Here is some recipes who can only make you happy! Guaranteed result.

You might not know it, but deep in your closets is certainly hiding everything you will need to find hands as soft as a baby's. Whether you want exfoliate them, hydrate them, or repair them in depth, whatever. With those miracle recipes – diverse and varied, there are a thousand and one possibilities. As easy to carry out as it is effective: you have pretty, soft and satiny hands! Take note :

The exfoliating recipe

To start your hand care routine, nothing beats a good exfoliation. This will allow you to start again on good foundations by cleaning the grain of your skin, thus getting rid of the slightest dead cell. Be careful, however, not to use an excessively abrasive exfoliation which could even irritate your skin. Your hands are sensitive, they needa care as nutritious as exfoliating. Here is the ideal recipe for it:

Of sugar for the scrub effect, olive oil for the moisturizing aspect.

All you have to do is mix a tablespoon of sugar (the smaller the grains, the softer the scrub – you decide what your skin needs) with two tablespoons of olive oil. Brush your hands and massage them gently for a few minutes before rinsing. Appreciate the result: they are of a divine sweetness – like new.

Once rinsed, you can add a few drops ofcinnamon essential oil on your hands to strengthen your skin.

The hydrating recipe

And if you make your own restorative and nourishing cream ? 100% natural, it has multiple virtues. Much more than just superficial hydration, this treatment will allow you to take care of your hands. On its own, it will have the ability to replace many of the products that accumulate on your bathroom shelves until now. Apply without moderation!

To properly feed your hands, you're going to needolive oil orsweet almond oil (available from € 6.17 per 100 ml on – two great classics of natural cosmetic products; and for them restorative and protective virtues that we know him, you will also need to bring honey.

In a bowl, mix a tablespoon of the vegetable oil of your choice with a tablespoon of honey. When the desired texture is obtained, apply it all over your hands in a thick layer and massage them lightly before leaving on for at least 30 minutes. After the time has elapsed, rinse and dry your hands to see the result.

As your hands are more fragile as temperatures drop, we recommend that you apply this treatment approximately once a week in winter, against once a month in summer. Of course, these are only indications: you can enjoy the benefits of this homemade recipe as often as you feel the need.

The SOS recipe

Have you let your hands deteriorate for too long and feel like no turning back is possible? It peels, it pulls, do you have cracks and redness? Then this recipe is for you. It will allow you to bring your hands back to life in an emergency, before leaving on the right foundations of a healthy and pleasant hand care routine to apply.

Nothing could be simpler, you just need to have a good coconut oil 100% vegetable and natural (available from € 11.95 per 500 ml on, as well as a pair of cotton gloves.

All you have to do is coat your hands with a good dose of coconut oil! To do this, simply take a dose that you will melt in your hands, before massaging them for a few minutes, then slip them into your cotton gloves. Wait several hours, enough for them to absorb all the oil, and voila!

The best time to perform this treatment? The night, Of course ! The next day – a bit like magic – your hands will have regained their health.
Either way, night or day, never let go of your cotton gloves that will allow you to not stain your sheets at night, or anything else during the day.

What about nails?

By maintaining your hands, of course you will also indirectly contribute to the good care of your nails … But be aware that you will be able to target them more with very specific practices. Shiny, healthy and flattering nails, you dream of it! Here's how to get them:

You will need nothing more than a few drops of olive oil and lemon.

Start by extracting the lemon juice to soak your fingertips for a deep cleaning not only guaranteeing you shine, but also odor elimination. Then use olive oil as a massage oil for your cuticles and nails – nutritive effect guaranteed.

Know that lemon will even allow you to get rid of the most stubborn odors like that of tobacco for example.

You now know all the secrets of a hand beauty routine at a time efficient and very simple ! What are you waiting for to experience it? Enhance these recipes, decline them according to your needs, your feelings – you will see: your hands will love it! Sweetness to your fingertips!

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