these little-known features of the Linky meter to lower your bill

Described, often considered intrusive, the Linky meter can also be a tool to better understand its electricity consumption and reduce it. An asset with the approach of winter, says the distribution network manager Enedis.

There is no question here of responding to the recurring controversies surrounding the Linky (electricity) or Gazpar (gas) meters. In the meantime, the first is installed in 35 million French households, i.e. 9 out of 10 households. And, according to the electricity network manager, Enedis, proper use of Linky can allow better management of energy expenditure.

Not insignificant when the government’s price shield will be relaxed on January 1, 2023, with the key being a 15% price increase, and sobriety is on everyone’s lips. Indeed, according to figures published by MoneyVox, the simple fact of carefully monitoring its consumption can lower the annual bill by 170 euros for example for a family of 4 people.

According to Enedis, you must first learn to read your Linky meter. First, it allowsidentify peaks in your consumption via an indicator light (visual below). It flashes according to the intensity of consumption.

Uses of Linky – Enedis

Linky also presents various information on its scrolling screen: by pressing the ‘+’ key, you can consult the index of consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh), the tariff option (base or peak hours/off-peak hours that you use), the subscribed meter power in kVA (6, 9 or 12 for individuals), the power used at the time of the consultation and the maximum power reached during the day in progress, between midnight and midnight.

All of these data allow first of all to find out if the housing contract is adapted to household consumption. If this is not the case, this may affect the amount of the invoice and you may have to change the formula (base or peak hours/off-peak hours) and/or power. Thanks to Linky you can also compare the days with each other or your home with those – equivalent – which manage to consume less.

How to follow your consumption (and adapt it)?

For the rest of the adventure, scroll the screen information to the right. Linky indicates the PRM mention, the unique identifier number of the delivery point (PDL) of electricity. This 14-digit number is extremely important because it identifies you. It is also found on invoices, top left.

Associated with your identity, the PDL allows you to use the Enedis my cts mobile application (available on App Store and Google Play) or Enedis website customer service destination of subscribers. Access to its services is possible whether you are a customer of EDF or of another alternative supplier. The only requirement: to be equipped with a Linky counter. You can also log in with FranceConnectthe government service that facilitates citizens’ access to online administrative procedures, such as the tax website in particular.

Find the lowest rate for your real estate project!

This is the second element which should enable you to regulate your consumption, to use electricity when it is the least expensive and to reduce your costs. Indeed, if you drink a lot on certain days, you can understand which device is responsible for this overconsumption.

Enedis also reminds that it is normal to consume more in the morning (heating, breakfast), in the evening (TV, chargers, meals) and on weekends since you are more likely to find yourself at home.

Your uses are also taken into account before considering a reduction. For instance, watch a series in streaming works with an Internet box, a laptop and, sometimes, a speaker. The alliance of the last two can drive up the curves. Also take advantage of the information from the app or website to identify devices that consume a lot without being used.

Washing machine, oven cooking… the gestures that change everything

On its website, Enedis lists the ecogestures that make the difference and advises, among other things, to launch its electricity-intensive uses outside peak periods by postponing them to the period from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. When possible, cooking in the oven can be anticipated, a washing machine scheduled for the day, a dishwasher cycle scheduled for the night.

It is our role, as a responsible public service, to allow the French to consume electricity in a more sober way, explains Eric Salomon, customer director of Enedis. If it is not new, everyone now realizes the major role that Linky can play.

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