These make up mistakes that make us look tired

Make-up for the complexion, mouth or eyes, let’s take stock of these mistakes that should not be made at the risk of looking bad and appearing tired. As a bonus, we also give you our tips for displaying an impeccable make-up.

Do not prepare your skin for makeup

It is well known, it is important to take care of your skin before sublimating it with makeup. In addition to bringing more comfort to the epidermis, treatments already play a beautifying role for the face because they make it possible to soften and smooth the skin, reduce fine lines of dehydration and redness, tighten the pores. but also to reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes, which are among the most visible signs of fatigue on the face. Do not skip this preparatory and essential step to make-up in the morning, otherwise you will not benefit from the anti-fatigue and smoothing effect of the treatments.

Using a foundation that is too light

Let it be said, if applying a foundation that is too dark on your face is a recognized beauty faux pas, opting for a shade of foundation that is too light is not really better for the complexion … Indeed, even if a shade of foundation that is too light is less contrasting with your skin tone than a color that is too dark, it will tend, on the other hand, to create an unflattering pallor for your face. When it’s too pale for your skin, foundation will simply “whiten” your face. Logically, you will therefore look tired or worse, sick. With a foundation whose shade is poorly suited to your skin tone, fatigue will automatically seem to show on your face, even if you are not tired. Get into the good habit of carefully choosing the shade of your foundation so that it blends harmoniously with your skin once applied, and especially without risking making you look tired.

Make up your eyelids without using mascara

You would think that putting a touch of color on our eyes would be enough to brighten up our make-up and flatter our complexion. However, when the eyeshadow is played solo (ie without mascara) to emphasize the look, it can, on the contrary, give a tired look to our peepers. Blame it on the fringe of eyelashes which is then sorely lacking in intensity compared to the color that paints our eyelids, and which thus gives an “erased” appearance to the eyes. So do not skip the application of mascara when you make up your eyes with eye shadow or even a line of eyeliner. If you are afraid of intensifying the color of your eyelashes too much and you absolutely want to keep the most natural beauty, apply only one coat of the product but still apply a dash of mascara.

Zap the lipstick

Whether you like the intensity of a highly pigmented lipstick or prefer the subtlety of nuances that can be offered by more discreet lipsticks, tinted lip balms or even glosses that offer all color. in transparency once applied to the mouth, lip makeup is a good way to wake up and enhance your complexion. Leaving your lips natural, without any beauty, and therefore a common mistake when you want to refresh your face. No need to force yourself to wear a bright lipstick if you don’t feel like it, a little touch of delicate color on the mouth is enough to give a fresher and more dynamic look to the face.

Put on the wrong shade of concealer

Once you’ve found the right shade of foundation, don’t mess it up with your eye concealer shade. When it is too dark, the concealer plumps the eye, accentuates the bags under the eyes or the hollow of the ring, and gives the impression of having overloaded the makeup area, which is far from giving a good glow. And when it is chosen too light, it rather has the annoying habit of accentuating dark circles instead of camouflaging them because its color does not compensate well for their bluish, brown or purplish color. In short, this poorly adapted camouflage ends up “tiring” the eye area even more. Quite the opposite of what we want in short! Our advices ? Keep in mind that to find the ideal shade of concealer, you must not only choose a color a half-tone below that of your skin tone (this area of ​​the face being naturally lighter than the rest of the face) but also choose a shade that draws more on the yellow if your circles are purplish or on the orange if your circles are bluish or brown.

Overloading your eye makeup

While not putting on mascara can make the make-up look pale and the entire face look pale, overdoing eye shadow and charcoal tones will also tend to accentuate your drawn features and the lack of sleep that can already be seen on your eyes. your face. So remember to adapt the amount of makeup applied to your eyes to your state of fatigue (depending on dark circles and bags more or less marked in particular) and favor eyeshadows in soft or neutral colors rather than garish or very dark shades to put highlight your look.

Abusing blush

If blush is one of the must-have makeup products to give you a healthy glow in no time, it can also become counterproductive when you have a heavy hand on the product during application. So that it awakens the mine and gives a fresh aspect to the skin, it is advisable to apply its pink or orange shade sparingly and to blend the color well on the cheekbones so that it delicately enhances them. Applied in flat areas too bold on the cheeks – and therefore displaying a color too intense to be the result of a flush due to the outdoors or to emotion – on the contrary, it will freeze our features and accentuate the pallor of the skin, which can make us look tired.

Accumulate makeup products with a powdery finish

Whether it is to camouflage small flaws more effectively, prolong the wear of makeup or simply by attracting the matte finish, the accumulation of makeup products with powdery finishes is really not a good idea to look good. fit and look good. Too much powder to mattify the complexion after a liquid foundation with a radiant finish is no better than pairing a matte foundation with a mattifying powder on top. In both cases, very quickly, the skin lacks radiance and lets appear frozen lines and pronounced fine lines … In short, the look of days of extreme fatigue when the skin does not support makeup (which runs through fine lines) and grows back. faster by giving a plaster look to the make-up. So as not to tarnish too much the radiance of your complexion, which guarantees good looks, you should therefore think of powdering sparingly, not to overuse the matt and to play on the contrasts with the different make-up products to recreate areas of radiance. (even subtle). No more fatigue mask effect on the face!

Apply the wrong color of eye pencil to the mucous membrane

If the eye pencil is very useful for drawing a line flush with the eyelashes and intensifying the look, you must however be very careful with the color that you choose to deposit inside the eye on the mucous membrane. . When you opt for a black or dark brown kohl pencil, the latter narrows the eyes visibly and can give a slightly tired look. On the contrary, when a white or beige pencil is applied to the mucous membrane, it enlarges the eyes immediately and immediately gives peepers a fresher and more alert air. To the best of my mind!

Put on a lipstick that’s too bland

If the intensity of the color worn on the mouth is a choice for everyone, the shade with which you make up your lips is however important if you do not want to look tired. Flashy lipstick shades like red, fuchsia, or coral are not the problem, but it should not be overlooked when choosing a lipstick. nude. Very light lipsticks can indeed give a cadaverous complexion with very light complexions, and more golden or dark skin types will also be quickly served by wearing certain lipsticks that are too bland that lack pep to be able to enhance properly. the complexion. You can definitely opt for a discreet lipstick that mimics the natural complexion of the lips, but be careful not to dull your mouth with a too pale or neutral beige when your lips generally have a rather flattering pink undertone. Otherwise, beware of the tired mine!

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