these new software capable of creating images from texts

“It’s been a few years since I’ve seen some nascent technology that makes you want to call your friends and say, ‘You need to see this.’ » The respected American technology journalist Casey Newton did not hide his admiration, even his amazement, in its June 10 newsletter, devoted to Dall-E.

This research project fascinates because it is able to create an image from a simple textual description. This is « the artificial intelligence artist [IA] that could change the world, headlined Alex Kantrowitz, another “tech” newsletter writer who, like Casey Newton or a journalist from New York Times, was able to test this software, of which the second version was launched in April (the first, dating from January 2021, was less evolved).

The digital sector is passionate about this innovation created by Open AI, a small San Francisco company at the forefront of the field of AI and supported in particular by Microsoft. The buzz is all the greater as Google on May 25 announced similar software, Imagen. In addition, Dall-E Mini, a simplified version accessible to all, launched by an independent researcher unrelated to Dall-E, offers Internet users the opportunity to create delirious images. Dizzying, these advances in artificial intelligence raise many questions.

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These images impress with their quality. The works of Dall E – named after the painter Dali and the robot from the science fiction film Wall E – or Imagen are often surreal and sometimes humorous. They reflect the written queries invented by “beta testers” like MM. Newton and Kantrovitz or by Google: “a prison guard rabbit”, “a shiba dog in a firefighter’s uniform”, “a bald eagle made of cocoa powder and mango”After ten to twenty seconds of calculation, Dall E or Imagen does show a white rabbit in a nice dark uniform, a Japanese canine in a fire soldier costume, etc. They can also offer more realistic images, such as “a pastel green and white flower shop facade, with an open door and a large window”.

“Soviet Propaganda”

Dall E or Imagen also know how to imitate “styles” : “Rembrandt painting”photo, digital art, even “afrofuturism” Where “Ikea furniture assembly plan”. More rudimentary, clichés of “Dall E Mini” ape, them, “court hearing sketch” or the “Soviet propaganda”, etc Dall E can also retouch a portion of the image and for example replace the Mona Lisa’s hairstyle with a punk haircut…

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