these nuances that make us melt!

How not to be charmed by these chewable reflections? Chocolate balayage has it all and here we share its secrets so you can better adopt it in your hair!

To sublimate a hair color without overdoing it, nothing beats sweeping ! You know: this very natural coloring technique that involves creating an illusion of volume, movement and depth in the hair, subtly playing with highlights. If there are endless possibilities, and any hair can succumb to balayage – brunette, blonde, red, or whatever – in this article, it's the color chocolate that we comb through.
As natural as it is refined, it is difficult to remain insensitive to such hair coloring. Yes chocolate sweep has as much art to melt us, it is certainly because this shade coats the hair reflections andhighlights sublime! Bonus: it is even possible to use chocolate balayage to lighten, or darken, the natural color of the hair in the most beautiful way!

Here, we explain not only what characterizes chocolate balayage, but also how to adopt its nuances in your hair, highlight them and maintain them … In summary: you will soon know all about this unique coloring technique and will be able to wear a chocolate sweep without going wrong. To you chewable hair !

How do you recognize a chocolate sweep?

Balayage is a coloring technique in its own right. Unlike the others – wicks, shaded hair or tie and dye, for example – its result is intended to be very natural. That's why, well done, the chocolate sweep blends perfectly with the rest of the hair, especially when the latter is brown. More pronounced than a chestnut and softer than a brown, the chocolate color is one of the most delicious coloring.
If this deep brown is however not so easy to spot, it is because this hair color is adorned with hazelnut highlights, ashy highlights or even mahogany highlights… Indeed, the chocolate sweep is available almost infinitely and is suitable thus to all skin tones and eye colors.
Bringing unparalleled highlights to natural hair, this coloring technique is truly one of the most popular color options for booster the shine of the hair and illuminate the face with ease. With chocolate balayage, the watchwords are: let there be light!

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Chocolate balayage: to sublimate what types of hair?

If it is the very natural character of the chocolate sweep that makes you fall in love with it, in this case know that this coloring is more recommended for chestnut, brown or black hair, which she will brighten up without overdoing it. Beyond these two colors, dark blond hair can also adopt it without fear: this coloring will have the art of bringing depth to their hair! You will understand: chocolate balayage can sublimate all hair types and any face, provided that the initial color of your hair approaches naturally, so that the result is not too contrasted. On the other hand, if you want it to be, we recommend that you instead turn to wicks, a coloring technique more suited to the desired result.

If your hair is neither brown, nor black, nor dark blonde, but lighter, in this case, we advise you to choose a less dark color: a caramel shade or a honey color, for example.

Once the chocolate sweep has been validated, all you have to do is choose between the different shades that this coloring technique reveals. If your skin has warm color undertones, a chocolate sweep with warm reflections (pulling towards the red) will suit you perfectly. If, on the contrary, your skin reveals cool undertones, in this case, we recommend that you instead favor a chocolate balayage with pure cocoa or ash nuances.
In order to finalize your choice of color, it is still best to rely on the advice of your hairdresser!

How to style your hair with a chocolate balayage?

As for the hairstyle and haircut, know that – well done – the chocolate balayage will always be sublime and subtle! Note all the same that on long hair, this coloring can reveal all the more the extent of its nuances and reflections. On curly or wavy hair, the chocolate balayage will accentuate even more the natural depth that curls give to the hair.
It's a fact: this color goes wonderfully with hairstyles that are adorned with movement, since the highlights chocolate highlights accentuate them and help reflect the light that emanates from them. Loose hair or tied hair, the reflections will always be there ! Be sure that the chocolate balayage will make all the difference in your hair, while remaining very natural.

How to maintain your chocolate balayage?

Nothing to worry about ! The chocolate sweep is one of the easiest hair changes. Already, because balayage is a coloring technique that ages very well over time, since it mainly focuses on the lengths of the hair and thus does not create a root effect. Also, because chocolate is particularly natural hair color, which will blend delicately with yours, without creating a clear demarcation. No need to rush to your hairdresser every month, therefore.
Only here you have it, you might not know it, but the problem with dark hair colors – like chocolate – is that this kind of hair color can have a tendency to tarnish faster than normal … This is why, to your usual hair care routine, we simply recommend that you add a product specially designed for colored hair, so that the full intensity of the highlights of your chocolate balayage is preserved for as long as possible.

Beyond that, you will have to continue to take the greatest care of your hair: nourish it, hydrate it, pamper it … Quite simply because, if your goal is to shiny and luminous hair – chocolate sweep or not – this also and above all goes through the good health of your hair !

You will understand: if you dream thathighlights and reflections as radiant as natural take hold of your hair, you may have just found your favorite sweep. Indeed, chocolate balayage has everything to make you fall in love (especially if you are naturally brown)!

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