These parents discover during the ultrasound that their baby looks … like Donald Trump!

During a pregnancy ultrasound, a couple of expectant parents had a surprise they did not expect. Their unborn child looks like two drops of water like an infamous character.

Video by Clemence Chevallet

So that for a fright! In the north of England, Ana Speariett, 31, and her partner Karl, 34, recently made an unpleasant discovery, to say the least. During a pregnancy ultrasound, they found that their baby had many traits in common with a well-known figure. Powder puff, furrowed eyebrows… you guessed it? Yes, it is Donald Trump, the current US President.

Shocked, they shared their story with the British press, admitting that now they couldn't see anything other than Donald Trump in this shot.

Not really Donald Trump fans

The resemblance can make you smile, as long as the person in question does not inspire us with deep disgust. "Why couldn't the baby have looked like David Bowie or something?", asked the mother-to-be. According to her, her unborn child looks like “baby Trump,” the giant balloon that was inflated over London during a protest against the US president.

As a reminder, the American presidential elections take place on November 3 … So, simple coincidence or subliminal message? The couple of future parents do not really know what to think and we understand them!

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