These parents reveal the worst questions their kids have asked them in public

On the American social network Reddit, parents have chosen to reveal the “shocking questions” that their children have asked aloud in public.

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Between the ages of around 3 and 4, a child begins to ask many questions. Taking advantage of one’s natural curiosity, these questions regularly begin with “why” or “how”. And with each answer he gets, a new question appears. This can sometimes be exhausting for parents, or even embarrassing, especially when the question is asked at a truly inappropriate time.

Delicate situations

On Reddit, parents put their shame aside and chose to share their moments of absolute embarrassment.

“What are some shocking questions that your children have asked you loudly in public… and how did you answer the question?” asked u / johnsabd, in the parenting group of the website.
In less than 24 hours, the post received over 350 comments. Between testimonials and advice, here are some excerpts:

“I took my 3 year old daughter with me to the bathroom. She turned around and saw me wiping myself off. She then screamed very loudly, ‘Mom, why are you pooping on your vagina? ‘ I gently explained to her that it was hairs, and she told me I was disgusting “, said a mother.

“My oldest asked a very frail old man in the elevator if he was going to die in the elevator or at home with his family. She was just figuring out the concept of death. I did this. ‘mistake of saying’ most people who die are very old ‘, which she interpreted to mean’ old people are likely to die at any time ‘”, complained another user.

“’Oh, are you having a baby… or are you just fat?’ That’s the question my son asked a middle-aged man, who luckily was really amused. We then had a conversation about how people come in different shapes and sizes. I also explained to him that making this kind of comment was not polite, but that if he had any questions, he had to ask them in private. ”, told a user.

Sometimes these questions can create fun, but also very complicated situations. Some questions from children make the people concerned uncomfortable and can also upset them. To avoid these inconveniences as much as possible,
do not hesitate to make him discover the diversity of the world, highlight the differences between each human being, no subject should be taboo. So you avoid putting yourself and your child in difficult situations.

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