These popular shower products could be dangerous for children, warn 60 million consumers

We often buy them to please them, but these cosmetics, which are very common in the bathrooms of French homes, are in reality very dangerous for children, according to the magazine 60 Millions de consommateurs.

The brands of cosmetics compete with ideas for packaging and fragrances to spruce up the products that will end up in our bathrooms, in order to appeal to all generations of consumers. The result is products that are often pleasant to use due to their gourmet perfumes, which are adored by children. But be careful with risks of poisoning for young children seduced by these smells. Some products are even subject to recalls” warns 60 Million consumersin an Instagram post relaying a new article available on the website of the magazine published by the National Consumer Institute.

Shower gels, soaps, shampoos… The list of these cosmetics with candy scents is almost as long as the one summarizing the choices of sweet perfumes with which it is now possible to wash our bodies and our hair, and those of our children. And this increases the risks in French bathrooms, especially for the youngest. Even if products that have “a shape, an odor, a packaging, a labeling” may be confusing have been banned for more than thirty years, as the magazine indicates, there are still perfumed cosmetics deemed dangerous by 60 Million consumers on the shelves of our supermarkets. These scented shower gels and gourmet shampoos therefore join the list of risky cosmetics pinned by 60 Million consumerslike micellar waters and day creams with SPF.

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Cosmetics with gourmet fragrances: here are the products most at risk according to 60 Million consumers

As the magazine published by the National Consumer Institute points out, “shampoos and shower gels that simply display candy scents without adopting the shape or container are exempt from this regulation” and would therefore still represent a danger for the youngest. Fortunately, not all shower gels and shampoos are affected. As indicated 60 million consumers, those that are in his sights are shower products:

  • which smell like cakes (cookie, brownie..)
  • that smell like candy (sweet strawberries, caramel, cotton candy) or other treats very popular with children (such as the spread-style flavor).
  • in the form of treatment refills packaged in a “milk carton” formatwhich should also be closely monitored when they are within reach of a young user, due to the possible confusion between the care product and a carton of vegetable milk.

Good news therefore, fruit-flavored cosmetics seem less likely to be ingested by young children, according to observations from 60 Million consumers. But in all cases, it remains essential to be very vigilant in the bathroom with young children, and to supervise the youngest in particular when using such shower products when swimming.

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