these products are now banned

Since January 1, these single-use plastic products have been banned. Beware, however, of false good alternatives.

Straws, stirrers, drink lids, polystyrene boxes, sandwich boxes, steak sticks … These objects are tucked away in our daily lives, especially in take-out food orders. Since January 1, 2021, they are now prohibited! The government gave manufacturers and sellers six months to sell off the stocks. Another ban planned for 2021: that of the free distribution of disposable water bottles in companies and in public establishments.
The long-term goal is for 2040 with zero plastic packaging and the end of tubes of toothpaste, yoghurt jars or bottles of shampoo or shower gels.

The use of disposable plastic is increasingly restricted to follow European directives, and thus allow waste reduction. All of this, of course, to preserve the planet. Did you know, for example, that for the Mediterranean Sea alone, 600,000 tonnes of plastic end up at the bottom of its water every year? Or that in France, less than 2% of used plastics are optimally recycled? "Only plastic such as PET bottles can comply with the constraints of closed loop recycling and be regenerated for the same use" Nathalie Gontard, researcher at INRA, explains to our colleagues at Reporterre.
If nothing is done to reduce their use, in 2050 there will be more plastics than fish in the oceans!

Watch out for alternatives to disposable plastic

Beware, however, of false good alternatives! Indeed, if we are to rejoice at the end of plastic cutlery, it is better to avoid buying disposable bamboo cutlery, the production of which generates a lot of pollution. Also watch out for bioplastics, produced from materials like cane sugar, which come from across the world. Associations such as Zéro Waste France or the Surfrider Foundation have been campaigning for many years on this subject, and provide tips for reducing waste at home or organizing events without plastic.

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