these PS5 & PS4 games are leaving soon, get them fast!

Each month, the PS Plus offers new games to all its subscribers, and those of the previous month are thus withdrawn. It is therefore necessary to act quickly to take advantage of it or, at least, to get your hands on it before the end.

It has now become a standard for all subscription services on the market, regardless of the platform, games are regularly offered to users. Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are the kings in this field. On PlayStation, every month means new titles to pick up at no extra cost to PS Plus subscribers. And this, regardless of the formula. But it sometimes happens that we forget and that we miss it.

Collect your May PS Plus games before they’re gone

That’s why we come for a little booster shot. If you haven’t gotten your hands on the PS Plus May 2023 games yet, now is the time. From June 6ththese will disappear to make way for the PS Plus games of June 2023. A rather pleasant month.

So if you’re planning on picking up the car racing game Grid Legends, the ultra bloody multiplayer game that is Chivalry 2, and the breath of fresh air Descend, it’s now or never ! No need to launch or install them since all you have to do is add them to your library by going to their game sheet. You can find them in your game collection at any time or in the PlayStation games tab More. Note, however, that these titles will only be available to you if you subscribe to one of the PS Plus plans. Without a subscription, the games are locked, but kept in the library.

Three more pretty cool PS5 & PS4 games

Grid Legends is the latest addition to the Codemasters franchise. A car racing game stuck between the small simulation and the pure and hard arcade game, which relies heavily on its narrative campaign. The latter is also played by real actors and relies on Live Action sequences to try to immerse the player. Beyond that, the title offers dozens of licensed vehicles and circuits, different game modes and a whole host of challenges to complete. It’s not Gran Turismo 7, but it’s still a pretty cool alternative.

Chivalry 2, on the other hand, is a chivalrous and ultra brutal multiplayer game. In huge battlefields, several dozen players compete in visceral and very bloody combat. No matter how you play, you’ll find a class to suit you. Greatsword, longsword and shield or even the bow… it’s up to you. Jubilant, Chivalry 2 will make you spend some nice evenings with friends.

Finally, Descend is a somewhat demanding arcade game that simply asks us to go down more or less difficult tracks. Varied environments, easy-to-learn gameplay, addictive but also relatively demanding… Descend is great. The kind of game that we do not see coming and which absorbs us several tens of hours of play discreetly.

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