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By dint of Netflix parties, it may have become difficult for you to find a program that you like outside of your personalized suggestions. What if you used the platform’s “secret codes”, which allow access to Netflix’s huge “hidden” catalog?

The advantage and disadvantage of This article Netflix is ​​that your user is so well defined that you quickly feel like you are watching the same program over and over again. We must add to this the highlighting of the big hits of the streaming platform, which greatly influences your viewing choices. To change a little and find rare gems, it is possible to enter “secret” codes, corresponding to a particular genre of film or series. The manipulation is not rocket science. You just have to copy and paste this URL in the search bar: followed by the code in question.

Example, would you like to watch a satirical comedy? No problem, the secret code for the “satire” genre is 4444. Once you get to the above URL, you will come to the home page in question. Same thing if you want to watch a Bollywood movie (5480), a detective documentary (9875) or a classic (46576). What you should know, however, is that the codes are subject to change based on new entries or recent releases from the catalog.

Why is using Netflix codes a good idea?

If these codes seem a little intimidating to you, know that they are the ones that allow you to define your user profile. It is therefore a good thing to reclaim them to discover all the riches of Netflix.

According to the site frandroid who made a selection, there are more than 27,000 different Netflix codes. Content archiving by genre, but also by period, actor.trice.c or even director. So which one are you going to test first?

Action and adventure films


The documentaries

The dramas

International films

Horror movies

Movies for the whole family

Romantic films

Science-fiction movies

All series

Sports programs

Thrillers with great thrill

But also … the programs to watch for pleasure and for curiosity

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