these sulphurous anecdotes about the sex scenes cut during the assembly

The sex scenes in “The Bridgertons’ Chronicle” on Netflix contributed to the success of this Shondaland series. And there must have been more of it than you think …

The sex scenes of the already cult series The Bridgerton Chronicle, on Netflix, warmed the! Logic: Daphne and Simon, aka the Duke of Hastings, are incredibly sexy and the chemistry between them is there. If we thought we had read everything about the sexual tension that reigns in this series, in reality, many sex scenes were cut during the editing. In an episode of the podcast Bridgerton: The Official Podcast, available since April 8, 2021, this season’s filming intimacy coordinator, Lizzie Talbot, spoke about the portrayal of sex in this series. While her job is to ensure the well-being and consent of the actors during these sulphurous scenes, she also gave some details on these scenes which were never revealed to the public.

Simon, the Duke of Hasting, in a threesome

“We shot a lot of intimate scenes, of which I think at least a dozen are not in the series”, she says in this podcast entirely dedicated to the series. We thought we had seen everything on the sex side in this season 1 of The Bridgertons Chronicle, we were therefore wrong on the whole line. Among those that we could not see, Lizzie Talbot evokes a threesome that Regé Jean Page would have shot: “There was also a threesome with Simon who is not on the show. ” What a pity…

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Regé Jean Page naked in the middle of several women

Even more crisp, Regé Jean Page shot a scene “where he met prostitutes”, according to Lizzie Talbot. The scenes cut during the editing showed more the flighty side of Simon. The privacy coordinator herself says: “These scenes were intended to show his libertine and scandalous side.” Indeed, if we had seen them on the screen, we might have understood more why Anthony does not condone his sister’s union with his friend the Duke, probably fearing that he would make his sister suffer.

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Not sure that one day we will be able to see these famous cut scenes… And Regé-Jean Page being officially absent from season 2 to come on Netflix, we just have to binge watcher again the ultra sensual season 1 of The Bridgertons Chronicle.

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