These teens bring protections to lift the taboo of rules

Micah, 16, and Elijah, 17, two teenagers from Indiana, USA, keep sanitary protection in their lockers for their classmates. A positive and inspiring initiative!

This is the great story of the day. Tara Ahrens is an American mom and blogger, she has done prevention for her two teens, Micah, 16, and Elijah, 17, explaining that periods can be awkward for girls, especially when they don't. hygienic protection on it.

To prevent their classmates from being embarrassed, these two teens therefore, on the advice of their mother, put sanitary protection in their lockers. On the CafeMom site, the mother of four says she first had the idea to tell her children about periods and period accidents which can sometimes be very embarrassing. She then drew on the story of a man who gave a woman on a hike a tampon, explaining that he grew up with moms and sisters.

While in the car with her sons, she chose to talk about it with her children. “Bleeding occurs”, she explained to her boys. “They can be traumatic. Kindness and understanding can help at these times. Be that person."Initially, her children did not follow her advice. "They seemed to think about it and didn't say much because [they are] teenagers."

In the same year, one of Elijah's friends had her period at school, so the two boys decided to keep tampons in their lockers. Even though some comrades laughed at them, most thought the initiative was great.

Lift gender taboos

In 2019, one of Tara's posts went viral, she shared a snap of her kids in a women's underwear department. "My teenagers took me to the stores today to buy their little sister's first bras… because the breasts are coming", she wrote. “My two boys keep a tampon and a towel in their backpack, in case a friend of theirs needs it. I'm just a mom trying to break the gender taboo! ”

This mom wants to normalize these situations. “It's an even bigger hope for me to change the way the kids in our high school treat and view the whole subject. The path for change is to erase old taboos – starting with a few teens”, She concludes.

A great initiative!


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