These three fashion looks are for anyone who doesn’t like dresses

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Summer looks for those who don’t like dresses

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Dresses are simply thrown over and airy in the warm season – but they are not always very practical. So if you don’t like wearing dresses and are looking for a summery alternative, you’ve come to the right place!

The summery dress is easy to put on and often doesn’t need any accessories to be stylish. But they are not always practical and sometimes we don’t want to throw a dress on. Other clothing items can also work in summer. We’ll show you three super practical and stylish alternatives for everyone who doesn’t like dresses.

1. Matching Two Piece

Probably the simplest alternative for dresses are matching two-piece suits. The best thing about this look is that the possible combinations are almost endless. Whether long or short, simple, colorful or patterned, tight or loose cut – there is something for every taste. And the pieces can be worn individually or together. In addition, you really never have to be unsure whether the outfit you have chosen fits together at all. Especially trendy this summer: psychedelic patterns in hippie style.


The next alternative is an evergreen of the summer wardrobe: Put it on and the look is there – similar to a dress. With the difference that you wear pants at the same time! Jumpsuits can be styled for a wide variety of occasions – whether it’s everyday with sneakers, at parties or weddings with high heels or even on the beach with slippers – it really always fits. Loose cuts with cool patterns are particularly popular this year.

3. Culottes

The so-called “skort” is a word mixture of “shorts” and “skirt” – and that’s exactly what it is. This piece of clothing is once again experiencing a trend comeback from the 2000s and is particularly impressive because of its comfort. The cute and playful look of a short skirt is retained and yet you don’t have to worry about how to move, because pants are integrated underneath – practical, right? Culottes now also come in all sorts of designs: tight or super airy, with a belt, asymmetrical and made of different materials – the selection is large enough to find a suitable look for different situations.


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