these three hidden benefits you can enjoy

Nearly 6 million energy vouchers worth between 48 and 277 euros will be distributed gradually from the end of March. Enough to pay part of his electricity and gas bills, but not only. This aid incorporates 3 unsuspected advantages.

This is a substantial boost to 6 million households each year. While regulated electricity and gas prices have risen by 15% since the start of the year, the 2023 energy check will be distributed in letterboxes from the end of March. This aid, the amount of which ranges from 48,277 euros and which makes it possible to pay one’s energy bills, has unsuspected financial advantages.

Caroline Keller, in charge of communication within the energy mediator, explains Capitalthat the most important is free commissioning of electricity or gas when moving into a new home. To take advantage of this and avoid paying commissioning costs, you must immediately send your supplier the certificates provided in the envelope that accompanies the energy check.

Reinforced protection in case of non-payment

Another advantage for the beneficiaries of the energy check: they benefit from enhanced protection during the winter break. Although it is forbidden to cut off the energy supply in the event of unpaid bills, the holders of the energy check are protected from power reduction (decline of 9 kVA 3 kVA most often). A reduction which prevents, for example, the heating and the hot water tank from functioning, according to Caroline Keller.

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Furthermore, outside the truce period, i.e. between April 1 and October 31, the supplier may decide to suspend the supply of energy and invoice the trip of a technician on site to perform the operation. But for the beneficiaries of the energy check, these costs are reduced since they are entitled to a 80% reduction on the price of the trip for the shutdown of the energy supply for unpaid, explains Capital.

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