These trendy jeans for less than 30 euros highlight all body types (for big and small)

Jeans are all the rage and they would flatter all body types. Priced at less than 30 euros, it’s a must-have for 2024.

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Jeans are part of many everyday looks. Indeed, this versatile fashion piece accompanies almost all women, whatever their age. Each year, a type of denim is highlighted. In 2024, the most popular jeans are certainly wide jeans, especially baggy jeans, which have stolen the spotlight from cargo jeans which were popular in 2023. We still like straight blue, gray or black jeans, which are timeless. .

Other shapes of jeans remain very popular with fashionistas. We think of flare jeans which magnify the leg and which are particularly recommended if you have shapes, but also bootcuts or even mom jeans. Each type of denim highlights a part of the body in particular and it is interesting to see which one magnifies this or that morphology. Stradivarius jeans are all the rage and they would be perfect for everyone!

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These Stradivarius jeans would suit all body types

Jeans are getting a lot of attention, especially on TikTok. This is the vintage regular D98 jean model from Stradivarius. It exists in different tones: raw blue, gray, black, light blue… With its 2% elastane, this denim adapts to your curves and offers optimal comfort.

Another advantage: it adapts to the size because it exists in a format for “small”, but also for “large” ones. Thus, women under 1.60cm do not necessarily have to hem and “tall” women have jeans that touch the ground. We really like this straight model because it is thick and its vintage look makes it very trendy. Finally, these jeans are priced at less than 30 euros (€29.99), which makes them an affordable piece that will pay for itself quickly because you can wear them with everything.

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How to wear your Stradivarius straight jeans?

The good thing about jeans, and especially straight jeans, is that they go with everything. For a casual, everyday outfit, wear it with a beautiful colored knit and trendy sneakers, but you can also wear it with a cotton t-shirt and a wide blazer and silver ballet flats for example.

This type of denim is also perfect for a night out. In fact, you can wear it with a pair of slingback kitten heels, but also a pair of pumps or even heeled sandals. A bodysuit, a satin top and a blazer, and that’s it, you’re ready for your evening.

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