These “ugly” sandals are making a big comeback in 2021!

After the “dad sandals”, make way for the “rope sandals”. Rope shoes are making a comeback on the feet of fashionistas. Zoom on the trend of “ugly” sandals which is invading shoesings.

After the “jellyfish” sandals and the “dad sandals”, it is the turn of the “rope sandals”, in French to understand “rope sandals”, to stand out this summer. We already saw them everywhere in spring / summer 2020. This year, they are widely needed and are on everyone’s feet. Yet considered as “ugly sandals”, due to their XXL size and rather coarse shape, they have made a place for themselves in the family of trendiest shoes of the year.

The origin of rope sandals

These sandals have their origin in the traditional shoes of the peoples of the taiga forests of northern Europe and Russia. But not only. They are also largely inspired by the famous Basque and Spanish espadrilles.

Rope sandals were already worn over 4000 years ago by poor people. Composed mainly of ropes and fibers, these shoes were inexpensive, since they were made from raw materials.

Today, although they have become more popular, rope sandals remain an essential accessory that combines comfort, ecology and low manufacturing price. In 2001, Chris Anderson, an American designer, brought these sandals up to date. Concerned about the state of the planet, he decides to recover the polypropylene (plastic material) he finds in the sea and rivers. Its goal ? Transform it into rope and thus create eco-responsible sandals, handmade and from fair trade. The brand Nomadic State Of Mind is finally born.

How to wear rope sandals?

In 2020, the American label stood out when many influencers fell for these eco-responsible sandals with a “spartan” style. Easy to wear, they have conquered the fashion pros who flaunt themselves with these rope shoes and thus compose looks that are simpler, comfortable and ultra trendy.

If you don’t know what to pair rope sandals with, you will see that it couldn’t be easier. Whether it’s with a flowing maxi dress, denim shorts, with jeans or even with an oversized shirt, these shoes go with it all.

They will add to a look a touch that is both modern and “nomadic” for a casual look. Of course, we can imagine these shoes perfectly as essential for a stay in the sun and at the beach, but they can also be worn in the city.

Where to find the flagship sandals for summer 2021?

Since the buzz around rope sandals, Nomadic State Of Mind has been a hit. So much so that haute couture brands have decided to reinvent these sandals in their version. The Isabel Marant label released in the summer of 2020, a pair of colored rope sandals. Chanel and Saint Laurent have also declined these famous shoes by adding more sophisticated touches, such as glittery cord, chains, pendants and leather.

Rest assured, in 2021, ready-to-wear brands are also offering dupes of the original brand, at very attractive prices. Whether at Zara, Oysho, ASOS, Amazon, or even Jonak, the collections summer shoes will be placed under the sign of the rope. We let you discover our selection of rope sandals. So, are you ready to go?

Our selection of rope sandals

Why are these sandals making so much buzz on the Internet?

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