“They made us look like the bad guys”

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CBS will broadcast a shock interview with Prince Harry on Sunday January 8, 2023 ahead of the publication of his Memoirs. In leaked excerpts from this interview, the Duke of Sussex was particularly scathing with the British Crown, as reported by the “Sun”.

In December 2022, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle unveiled their documentary series on Netflix highlighting in particular the passage of the Duchess of Sussex within the British royal family, but also the famous Megxit. A production that allowed the couple exiled in the United States to take the opposite view of the press which would have greatly contributed to his departure. And while memories of the youngest son of Charles III, baptizedSparein FrenchThe Alternatein reference to his place in the order of succession to the throne, will be published in January 2023, the latter spoke ahead of the publication in an interview with CBS, as reported by theSun.

As part of promoting his work, the father of Archie and Lilibet has granted an interview to Anderson Cooper which will be broadcast on January 8th. In the first images revealed of this exchange, Prince Harry notably returned to his rocky relationship with the Firm that he had already accused, through his Netflix documentary series, of having made leak information about him and his wife to the press: “It should never have happened like this. I want a family, not an institution. […] Every time I’ve tried to do things privately there have been briefings, leaks and stories against me and my wife”, he lamented in front of the camera. And to add:The family motto is ‘never complain, never explain’. But that’s just a motto. It doesn’t really hold. There is always [des plaintes et des explications] through leaks. […] They feel like they made us look like the bad guys. They showed absolutely no desire to reconcile.

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Harry: his memoirs shake the walls of Buckingham

Prince Harry’s statements to CBS fear the worst concerning the revelations that will be made inSpare. In any case, this is what a source told the Times on Saturday, December 31, 2022, saying that “the book [sera] worse than the royal family expected”. And to add:Everything is laid bare. Charles is doing better than expected, but it’s particularly hard on William, and even Kate is a bit criticized.The source also reported a “description [minutieuse] of a fight between [fils du monarque]”.


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