They really exist – subway stoppers & Co: The most bizarre jobs in the world

They really do exist: professional cuddlers, ear cleaners and other professions that make people shake their heads and smile. As fun as some jobs may sound, they all require passion and full commitment.

In America there are always job advertisements for professional cuddlers. Anyone who takes advantage of the offer can even choose the comfort blanket. Looking for a good excuse? An alibi inventor is happy to help. They are experts in tricky situations when you can’t officially say where you were on any given day. So-called ear cleaners are widespread in China. They remove lard with a specific set of cutlery – mostly in public places. A job that is certainly not for everyone.Japan is looking for stoppersBecause the subway in Tokyo can get particularly crowded during rush hours, so-called “subway stoppers” are employed there. They make sure that the change of passengers is particularly quickly. In an emergency, people are simply squeezed into the wagon. Qualifications for this job: a lot of strength and not afraid of physical contact Nationals. Visa or a work permit are not necessary. In other countries, you have to find out in advance exactly what is required of foreign employees. However, there is an agreement with some countries in Germany 24 women and men Duration: 89 days, 60 days of which as pure bed rest. Each participant received EUR 16,500. Royal Swan Counter David Barber, known as The Queen’s Swan Marker, is known as The Swan Counter. Every year, the Briton and his team go to the Thames to take a close look at the white birds there. “Swan Upping” is a British tradition that dates back to around the 12th century, when swans served as a meal for monarchs at banquets.Television for NetflixUS streaming service Netflix pays people to watch series and films for them. The so-called taggers have to categorize everything they look at and write keywords for production. Saving kangaroos Just outside Alice Springs in Australia you can become an animal rescuer at a kangaroo center. Accidents in which mothers of mammals die occur on the continent every day. Kangaroo babies often hide in the pouch. The so-called joeys take care of the offspring and raise them. Trying sweets The dream job of a sweet tooth: sweets tester. The Canadian company Candy Funhouse offers an annual salary equivalent to 76,046 euros. And this is what the work looks like: try 3,500 sweets – but per month. Prerequisites for an application are “a golden taste” and “a sweet tooth”. Half a year slide test Water rats get their money’s worth in this job: amusement parks are regularly looking for water slide testers. For six months of work you collect 34,000 euros. At the end, a comprehensive slide report must be submitted.Writing fortune cookiesThey really exist – fortune cookie copywriters. Creative writing and a special feeling for language are necessary for this work. The hourly wage is between 20 and 35 euros, with most writers being self-employed. Coconut Security Dream job Coconut security officer? On the US Virgin Island of St. Thomas, the Ritz-Carlton is looking for people to protect their hotel guests from falling coconuts.
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