Thicker eyelashes in a few seconds: does Hack keep what he promises?

Does the mascara hack keep what it promises?
We tested the hack for you

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The fashion and beauty news of the day in the BRIGITTE ticker: Mascara hack promises thicker eyelashes in seconds +++ Kim Kardashian launches underwear collection with Fendi.

Current fashion and beauty news in the BRIGITTE ticker:

October 26, 2021

Mascara hack promises thicker eyelashes in seconds – but is that really true?

The internet is currently teeming with new hacks – to our delight, some have already proven to be real time savers in the bathroom. But before we recommend a new hack, it will first be put through its paces. This is also the case with the mascara hack, which promises thicker eyelashes in seconds.

According to the video, we don’t need more than our favorite mascara for the hack. Only the technique of how we apply our eyelashes should be changed – we are skeptical.

Normally, we ink our eyelashes towards the eyebrow, moving our brush slightly to the left and right. In the viral video, however, the TikTokerin begins very differently. She holds the mascara brush perpendicular to her eye and roughly wipes her eyelashes from left to right. Then she tints her eyelashes as usual.

We admit that the eyelashes look a little thicker because more product is applied – but the hack didn’t really convince us. However, if you only have very fine eyelashes, the mascara hack could work wonders. Do you feel addressed? Then just try the hack yourself again and see if the result can convince you.

October 25, 2021

Kim Kardashian: Own luxury collection with Fendi

When it comes to fashion, Kim Kardashian has proven herself many times in the past that she has style. Even if it is not to everyone’s taste. The It-Girl seems to have inspired the designers of the luxury label Fendi. She announces on Instagram that the new collection of her underwear label SKIMS is a collaboration with Fendi.

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According to Instagram, the collection will include bodysuits, tights and bralettes. The limited parts will be available from November 6, 2021. But one thing is certain: That was definitely not Kim’s last collaboration with luxury labels …

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