Thierry Henry celebrates his 45th birthday: who is Andrea, the model who has shared his life for 24 years?

He is one of those players who have won absolutely everything during their career. Raised to legend by Arsenal supporters in London, ​Thierry Henry is one of those rare players to have a statue in his honor, proof of the impact he had in the sport. World champion in 98 and Europe in 2000, he also won the Champions League with Barcelona and Lionel Messi. A dream career for an exceptional player, who knew how to convert perfectly after his football career.

Initially a coach, he did not have only good experiences, but for the past year he has been delighting Ligue 1 lovers as a consultant for AmazonPrime. With his unusual personality, Thierry Henry quickly became the darling of fans, who do not hesitate to share his interventions on social networks. Today, Tony Parker’s great friend is celebrating his 45th birthday and he will certainly take advantage of this moment to meet up with his family and in particular his companion, Andrea Rajacicwho has shared his life since 2008.

Former model, she became the mother of three of his children

The two lovebirds met when Thierry Henry was playing for Barcelona, ​​Spain. A real love at first sight between the footballer and the sublime young woman, now 36 years old, who emigrated to the United States younger. became a model, she works for several famous studios, including Milk At New York. In 2011, she founded her own events company, The New York Issue. With the Frenchman, things are going wonderfully and she does not hesitate to join him in Europe, then to return to America when he plays there afterwards. Together, they will have three children, starting with little Tristan (born in August 2012), then Tatiana (born in August 2015) and finally Gabriel (born in November 2016).

Thierry Henry leads the good life with Andrea and their three children and there is no doubt that they will be able to celebrate his 45th birthday wonderfully!

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