Things that professionals would never do with their eyebrows

It's National Brow Day! And to celebrate the day, we'll refresh your knowledge and tell you what beauty professionals would never do with their eyebrows.

Happy National Eyebrow Day! Even if we could deal with our eyebrows every day, we want to do it especially today. We asked Celia Price, National Brow Artist at benefit, what professionals will never do with their eyebrows. And of course we won't do that anymore …

First of all: Make-up should of course be fun. So everyone can do what he or she wants. "Actually there are no no-gos," says Celia, "but there are certain things that do not emphasize your advantages on your face when you do them."

Wide away

Of course, eyebrow professionals know better and better which brow shape best suits which face. But in general we can always orientate ourselves that the beginning of the brow should be at the level of the nostrils.

I see a lot of people pulling their brows too far apart because they go between the brows with a normal razor. This makes the nose appear bigger – many don't even know that.

You can easily check by simply placing a pencil on the inner alar of the nose. You can already see whether your brows are too far apart or too close together.

Straight on

There is a new trend in the beauty world – the straight brow. And no, that doesn't mean we're wearing them completely straight now. But it tends not to be as curved as it was perhaps two years ago. Celia explains:

Many think that the straight brow tends to be shorter. That's not the case. Some then simply remove half of their brows – and that's a no go. Then you look like Spock. At the back, the course of the brows is simply straightened a little so that they point more towards the temples and not "downwards".

From the front to the back

Almost everyone starts by filling in their brows from the beginning. In principle, of course, this is not wrong, but it is also not optimal:

I often see people starting to fill in their brows. But that looks very striking. My tip: start at the back or where you don't have that much hair and then work your way forward. It just looks more natural.

In general, the browbones are a little lighter at the front, we can keep this natural look by starting at the back. Less product is definitely more.

Not too short, not too long

If you have very long brows you have to cut them of course. Otherwise they will keep getting wider. But: if you shorten too much, your eyebrows automatically appear narrower than they actually are. Of course we don't want that.

Lots of people just cut their brows way too much. However, some need the length of the hair to lay it over areas with gaps.

Celia advises combing the front area upwards to swing, and then trimming the tips. We comb the rear area down and then trim it.

The product doesn't suit you

You know that: If a product is totally trendy and we see it everywhere, we want to have it all at once. But does that even make sense? No – at least says Celia.

Certain products are made for a specific finish.

However, that doesn't mean that every product is suitable for every type just because it's trending. According to Celia, we should ask ourselves beforehand: Which product do I even need for my brows, what suits my needs? Micro Brow Pencils, for example, are more suitable for drawing in fine hairs and NOT filling in the entire brow. Powders and pomades do the job better. And if you are unsure, let us advise you. What are the pros for …