“Think twice before getting eyelash extensions”, a client shares her terrible experience

This Sunday, August 13, 2023, a TikTok user shared her terrible experience after having an eyelash extension. The young woman who appeared with puffy eyes and no eyelashes in her video shared on the social network, introduces her followers to the important treatment she must undergo to recover from what seems to be an allergic reaction to the products used during the extension.

This is a scenario that many customers dread before going to an aesthetic salon. Whether it’s an error made by the professional or simply an allergic reaction to a cosmetic product, the fear of seeing her face deformed after a visit to the beautician haunts many young women. There is no doubt that the experience shared by this model on TikTok is likely to make anyone tempted by an eyelash extension think twice.

Unfortunately for the young woman, her experience turned out to be catastrophic since she now finds herself without eyelashes, swollen eyes and suffering from significant pain for several days. No, she is not the subject of an invasion of eyelash lice. In order to warn Internet users of the risks involved, it has decided to show on TikTok the extent of the treatment she now has to undergo. “I show you everything I need to put in to heal”, explains the young woman who uses the voice synthesis of her smartphone to comment on her video. “Really, think twice before doing eyelash extensions”warns the young user of the social network.

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Eyelash extensions, beware of allergies

“First drops. use: whenever I want during the day, whenever I feel the need”, she specifies before making a few drops of serum in her pupils. In the following excerpt, we can see the young woman in the process of once again administering drops in her eyes. This is another drug that makes up his treatment which should be used three times a day. Taking this pharmaceutical product does not seem pleasant, as can be seen in this video where the young woman lets out a little cry in the face of the discomfort she feels. It stings”she comments in the caption.

But the patient’s treatment does not stop there, as she can be seen taking another aqueous solution for her eyes. “Use: 7 times a day”, she explains. In addition to taking drops, there is also the use of an ointment to be applied under the eyelids each evening before going to bed. A product that the young woman delicately applies to her eyes, which she takes care to massage through her eyelids. “The feeling is horrible, it hurts”she laments.

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“I see blurry and on top of that, it itches but I’m not allowed to scratch. I hope it will go very soon”, she confides to her subscribers. By exploring a little more the profile of the young woman, we are surprised to note that this is not the first time that she is confronted with an allergic reaction during an eyelash extension.

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