This 90s hair accessory is back in fashion

Kim Kardashian shared new pictures of herself on Instagram. Photos on which she sports a hair accessory from the 90's which may very soon become trendy again!

Whether in the world of fashion, or that of beauty, the situation is the same. The trends that marked the 90s are well and truly back. Pants with elephant legs, platform sneakers are back in vogue. In terms of hairstyles, the cuts that we never expected to see again are all the same the main trends of 2020 and 2021. We are thinking in particular of the two strands on the front of the face, the wide hair clip, the brushing on the outside or even the darling. But these are not the only hair fashions of the 90s that we are re-adopting lately. Kim kardashian has just shared a cliché that risks, without a doubt, relaunching a new 90's beauty trend.

This week, Kim Kardashian posted on her account Instagram a slideshow of photos of her to reveal her look of the day. An outfit in brown tones, right in the 90's trend, which she had, of course, given to a beauty of the same style. The reality TV star did sport a very high ponytail, placed on the top of the head, perfectly smooth. She also added to her hairstyle a simple brown headband. A hair accessory that we had not worn for years and which, knowing the influence of Kim Kardashian, should very quickly find itself on everyone's heads!

Kim Kardashian has changed a lot since her debut, look!

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Video by Juliette Le Peillet

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