This actor will play Fidel Castro in a biopic and the resemblance is striking

After accusations of harassment, James Franco kept a low profile for several years. For some time, the actor is back with several projects in his purse, including a biopic on Fidel Castro.

Absent from the screens since 2019 and the broadcast of the third and final season of the series The Deuce, James Franco has since found a financial arrangement with two of the complainants after accusations of harassment.

The actor is therefore preparing to make his return to the cinema. First of all, we will see him in the historic film Me, You by Bille August, winner of the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival twice, thanks to Pelle le Conquérant and Les Meilleurs Intentions.

According Deadline, the 44-year-old comedian has another project on the go: Alina de Cuba. In this biopic directed by Miguel Bardem, James Franco will slip into the uniform of Fidel Castro, charismatic and controversial leader of the Cuban Revolution.

James Franco and Fidel Castro


The story will focus on the relationship between the politician and Natalia “Naty” Revuelta, his mistress during the 1950s. The story will also follow the journey of Alina Fernandez, Castro’s hidden daughter born of this union.

Alina fled Cuba in 1993, becoming a fierce opponent of her father and his policies. She will be interpreted on screen by Ana Villafañe. As for Natalia, she will be played by Mia Maestro.

If James Franco has an undeniable resemblance to the former Cuban president in his youth, his commitment to embody Castro will he cringe in the country of Uncle Sam?

Some people, like actor Danny Ramirez, are indeed starting to criticize the production for not having taken a Cuban actor for the role.

Alina de Cuba will soon start filming in Colombia and Cuba. The release date is not yet communicated.

As for James Franco, his last theatrically released movie was The Disaster Artist, whose trailer you can see above.

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